Box Chocolate Review


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Country USA   (Norwalk, CT)
Style New School      
Corn pone: Fritz Knipschildt names his pieces after in/famous “ladies”, presumably with whom he’s dreamt he has slept, seeking to be the Woody Allen or Carlos Mencia of chocolate in understanding the opposite gender. Far from sexist or even sexually possessive... just cupcaking (as in flirtatious; metro-boys can be like that). For example, in Fantasy #3 (see below), Cleopatra takes papyrus from the Dead Sea scrolls & makes jewelry boxes out of it that are as brightly colored as Tibetan prayer flags, placing herself as the crown jewel in the center naturally. Back to reality, she unfortunately left the contents inside to weather for millennia. Stuff can get nasty. Fritz attempts to re-animate her bone-white remains, infusing dead DNA with experimental lacings, occasionally inventive, except the patent applications are still pending. But he’s young, ambitious &, like that Beatles song in the Cirque de Vegas “Love” show, ‘getting better all the time’.
Presentation   5 / 5
fab packaging, hand-made paper box w/ wooden tie-clasp latch; motley slew of molded, enrobed & hand-rolled pieces in great geometric shapes, cuts, & colors
Aromas   4.7 / 5
among the highs of the experience; ever the womanizer, so perfumed it tickles & tingles the nose in the powder room
Textures/Melt   6.2 / 10
Shells: reinforced exteriors, thick enough for 6 month shelf-life
Centers: softer interiors, some running toward liquid
Flavor   32.8 / 50
dry cocoa, almost powdered dust, the Valrhona employed here a disservice, causing combinations to keep missing each other; flames out on the liquors; too hot w/ the spice & molasses, etc.; a few are exceptonal, however (see Classic Truffle below)
Quality   19.6 / 30
Possible believer in ‘as long as it’s chocolate, they’ll eat anything’?
Couverture: Belcolade, Valrhona, Cluizel
Helena – White Choc/coconut truffle; launches a thousand monkeys out of the tree tops, going fritzin’ bananas
Keiko – a grudge / kludge match from the Japanese manga ‘Ultimate Muscle’; rough cocoa just girds atop raspberry & ground peppercorns
Cleopatra – pretendress to the throne; once thick, tough-skin shell is broken, a meek liqueur de framboise mewls & mixes w/ exterior bitterness
Jennifer – hard-headed w/ mucilaginous marzipan / pistachio cream center coming out her nose; holiday gunk
Donna – femme fatalism; Dark-on-Dark bittersweet ganache; thick hard wall armor; dessicated chalk / taro-ist root
Shuk – shucks?; sucks?; shiz
Valentina – Fritz must be reading a lot of comic books these days, here thinking himself the super-hero Neutron to the main protagonist, Valentina, in the Guido Crepax series – a vixen in this chocolate full of overpowering lavender soap bubbles for her next bloody orgasmic bath
Classic Truffle – French style; aroma may signal new shoes but the soft pastry texture & quiet dignity of the dust / powder desiccation measures up to utter honesty; a little more thrill in the throttle & this could achieve world domination

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