Box Chocolate Review


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Country USA   (Venice, CA)
Style New School      
Jin stands for gold in Mandarin. Then there’s the saying about all that glitters... but this is Zen-craft: light fill/heavy flavor equals the Jin paradox. A relative upstart with some of the softest ganache on the planet (super high-thread count / silk sheets in a 5-star porno hotel) & long-term promise to contend for world-status.
Presentation   4.8 / 5
spring-cream green boxing tied in orange & black – very classic & fit for an Asian wedding party; pieces set in individuated museum carriages, each shell squarely shaped w/ personality; good looking family
Aromas   4.6 / 5
beguiling & bewitching
Textures/Melt   1 / 10
Shells: baby delicate
Centers: cream-factor on a different planet... silk sheets / 5-star porno hotel
Flavor   41.2 / 50
assertive Asian-accents; despite exceptional base couverture, cocoa reclines to a neutral canvas for flavor that often crowds-out & overwhelms, so the chocolate often goes MIA
Quality   23.7 / 30
Extra-delicate & a bit of a debutante but good - & a good bet to get even better
Couverture: Weiss; Valrhona; Felchlin
Thé des Concubine – the harmonic harem of contemplative cacao; simultaneously sensuous & stern, quiet yet pointed; a tender bitch w/ savvy worldly-wise intellect; perhaps the signature piece
Mango Basil – instantly yielding on the tongue; quietly dynamic - an interplay in which each become lost into the other to meld a balsamic musk only to re-segregate at the back
Coffee – no mystery here - very forward yet shockingly soft
Hazelnut – beguiling patisserie aroma; ultra-sensuous subtlety; hazelnut tucked in the cream clouds & mists of cacao
Lavender – singularly unique herbal-cum-caramel play-off w/ lavender taking the lead to lose before regaining it at the finish; firm by Jin standards, which still means soft to the rest of the world
Gold-filigree Striping – of thud dish water quality; far & away the most undeveloped piece in the set
Caramel Clove – clove dominant; unwelcome savory element as caramel struggles to break thru, like salt unsure of itself or too feeble to even tease & draw out a complementary flavor
Black Roasted Sesame – lots of body for a Jin; muted sensation takes on an excellent crescendo of full controlled open sesame
Mango Kalamansi – bright arcs of citrus flames undertowed by the mango grove; obvious crowd getter
Thé du Hamman – leaf disappears in vanilla
Grand Marnier – truffle dust holds understated orange liqueur
Milk Dot – screams perfume like a woman on a 1st date

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