Box Chocolate Review


Info Details
Country USA   (NYC)
Style Classic      
Showtime pole-dancer in haute couture.
Presentation   4.2 / 5
Tiffany-type blue for the box or a red ‘n blue chest; enrobed pieces feature “art” screened transfers (of basic greeting card designs)
Aromas   1.4 / 5
dead out of the box
Textures/Melt   7.3 / 10
Shells: medium gauge
Centers: best part of the skill-set
Flavor   27.8 / 50
big attitude / low fortitude; generally weak
Quality   16.6 / 30
Form & fashion trounce function & finesse. Best suited for tea & crumpets after the ladies luncheon & an afternoon of shopping in SoHo.
Couverture: Santander
Manjari – tea interred well below the surface of cocoa, i.e., MIA
Lavender – an inspired reach... resembles unadorned espresso; POW
Espresso – is this a game of mix & match? KIA
Raspberry – finally a phenetic resemblance if not an altogether DNA match; Smucker’s fruit preserve quality
Caramel – gianduja aspect; best of the set

Milk – aromatic tantalizer; turgid mouthfeel; evanescent flavor
Dark – flat matte finish; clear, almost brittle snap; good tannins on the inhalation; dry taste & texture bordering cereal past its expiration date
White Strawberry - girls afternoon out; aroma lathered in strawberry cream; initial taste of white paste, then strawberry sorbet streak flares off into fruit wafer; quaint
Aztec Dark - 70% Venezuelan; symmetrical alignment between aroma/taste; hibiscus-marshmallow followed-on by cherry, slowed by unrefined oil

Hot Chocolate – low-river brown color; Nestlé’s Quik aroma; flavors reaches for standard fare – mostly malt; sensuous spherical feel around the mouth; simple stuff & simply good
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