Box Chocolate Review

Madame Chocolat

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Country USA   (Beverly Hills, CA)
Style Mainstream      
Much ado about the box from Jacques Torres’ better half. Indeed, Mrs. Torres out-performs – barely - her husband (based primarily on sensuality – see Texture), making for a closely compatible match.
Presentation   4.9 / 5
cleverly beautiful / ‘50’s Hollywood; the look of ivory-quilted satin opens in the fashion of a book deviously sealed inside by a ribbon w/ hidden magnet; ensconced deeper within, bonbons treated as tiny gems worthy of jewelry
Aromas   4.1 / 5
mild chocolate perfume
Textures/Melt   9.2 / 10
Shells: thin shells, good snap
Centers: ultra silky smooth
Flavor   37.8 / 50
lacks depth & falls flat on limp, unexciting flavors; fruit ganaches the strong exception w/ fresh-picked essence captured & played in unison w/ chocolate
Quality   23.6 / 30
Entertainment show
Couverture: Belcolade
C’est La Vie – a life of tough luck; Grand Marnier infused into Milk Choc; liqueur lost in this redundantly sweet-on-sweet pairing, save for the slightest heat of alcohol at the end
Ooh La La – the ultimate in breathy sighs from Madame C... passion fruit enrobed in Dark; bright aroma transfers to brassy notes rising high on the palate; simultaneously sweet & tart & pairs well w/ couverture
Madame – autobiographical, signature-piece adorned w/ sultry logo; a champagne air kiss smothered in Milk Choc; leaves in its wake the skank of slight cheese after-FXs; mediocre elements creating cheap flounce
Mademoiselle - Dark Choc over raspberry; a spot-on sweet tart
Chocolate Noir - tobacco & coffee tones mark this solid 60% dome of Darkness glazed in shimmering green trim
Chocolate Blanc – White Choc demos a reserved hand of good balance instead of the too-often too-sweet type; vanilla develops & fades slowly to nice effect
Jus d’Orange – orange-in-White; ripe for a sherbet
Je T’aime – Milk Choc shaped into a ladybug, filled w/ peanut butter; guess the Madame likes her girls plump & dry to better coo-coo Zsa Zsa J’adore

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