Box Chocolate Review

Love in Disguise

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Country USA   (Chicago, IL)
Style New School      
Uzma Sharif, the djinn behind Love-in-Disguise, is no Mrs. Grundy. She might as well be Black Mamba / Beatix Kiddo fronting The Clash in Dubai, cuz this Sharif DOES like rockin’ the casbah, but down the slinky-sultry way, with uploadable chocolate-sutra that instantly beam & sweethtooth into the navel chakra, before heading for the lower region, then snaking back up... kundalini-style to cocoa nirvana.
Presentation   4.6 / 5
energetically multiple, from crunch-bark packed in Chinese take-out cartons, to shag cocoa-dusted almonds, enrobed pieces & spherical truffles, housed in boxes covered in textured-paper flying colors higher than Tibetan prayer flags
Aromas   4.4 / 5
busting bittersweet
Textures/Melt   7.6 / 10
Shells: variable
Centers: variable
Flavor   39.8 / 50
Quality   23.7 / 30
Couverture: generic
White Mint – Dark center enrobed in White w/ a small fire mint flare throughout for a shared tingle combo
Milk Maple – or Milk Mapplethorpe -> 2 same-sex cousins made for each other; strong maple punctuates sweet Milk to a pecan-like pancake
Milk Chocolate – another uplift on a fresh tip; nothing wild or exotic just plain & simple; medium-bodied
Dark Caramel – more Dark than caramel; ganache literally pops out away from the shell (still relatively new at this & has yet to gets her hands); a dancey dazzler combo w/ the force field & body of heavy Dark, thickened at the finish w/ caramel as if the mouth processes the changes - in effect & texture - thru chewing & stirring; architectural sensation

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