Box Chocolate Review

Olde Worlde

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Country USA   (Asheville, NC)
Style Rustic      
An instructional line, of sorts, in which each flavor is showcased in 2 different formats – truffle vs. shell molded - & the obvious effect that that has on taste as well as texture.
Presentation   3.5 / 5
home-ec design; some weigh-in Giacometti-thin; others roll off heavier than charcoal gold bullion
Aromas   4.6 / 5
cocoa powder & dust
Textures/Melt   8 / 10
Shells: medium gauge (molded variety)
Centers: ethereal
Flavor   39.6 / 50
mild, sometimes weak
Quality   23.7 / 30
Fresh, caring, & thoughtful
Couverture: Guittard
Milk Chocolate Kahluha (hand rolled truffle) – shy, almost deleted Kahluha but solidly good
Milk Chocolate Kahluha (hard molded shell) - snapping; works better for Kahluha by drawing it out of the backdrop
Bittersweet Raspberry (hand rolled truffle) - draws blanks... mysterious waste of sublime taste
Bittersweet Raspberry (hard molded shell) – mssing sumthin here? where’s the berry?
Cherry (both hand rolled truffle & hard molded shell) – flavor accents escaped
Champagnes (both hand rolled truffle & hard molded shell) - overwhelmed by its chocolate robes
SS Hazelnut (hand rolled truffle) – low nut quotient masks a fruit note
SS Hazelnut (hard molded shell) - subtle truths
SS Blackberry (hand rolled truffle) - triumphal, almost liqueur-like
SS Blackberry (hard molded shell) – fruit backs up fruit (cacáo on blackberry) double-divinity style
Espressos (both hand rolled truffle & hard molded shell) – stiletto standouts
Cinnamon Cardamon Milk (both hand rolled truffle & hard molded shell) – gritty, yes; loud, yes; & all-too-clear spice set; signature piece

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