Box Chocolate Review


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Country USA   (Pittsburgh, PA)
Style Neo-Modern      
Toffee as abstract expression. Perfect for those feeling all chewed up reading the best-seller lists - like Good for the Soul - whenever the need/urge to trash it (again) hits. Clever-crafted sugar-rage with a few other elements to assuage the guilty-pleasure complex, & make you think it’s food-worthy nutritious. And STFU, we like it like that.
Presentation   4.3 / 5
purple-royale packaging evoking consumer-status, w/ so much self-anointed purple-prose on the box [“chef extraodinaire... signature toffee... floats in light & dark... sinfully sweet... deliciously decadent”] for the velvet-magenta mafia
Aromas   3.6 / 5
nuts but instead of throwing just peanuts to the gallery, "taboo" (oooo la la) shrewdly passes cashews & almonds too
Textures/Melt   8.4 / 10
Shells: some crunchy thicket here, salt rock crystals there, a smooth river to ford that way...
Centers: n/a
Flavor   37.3 / 50
confection junction using nondescript industrial slag from Belgian for its cocoa base, w/ FXs more ado about a course in texture, all under the sweet sun sugar; Renaissance masters had a term for this - in fact a whole concept - which became a movement: macchia
Quality   21.8 / 30
Mass going Class.
Couverture: Belcolade

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