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Sedona Choc Superfoods

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Country USA   (Sedona, AZ)
Style Old School      
Similar to atheism – just devoid, except for elevating some fuzzy-wuzzy concepts into a science (in this case raw cacáo being loaded with more anti-oxidants – true, but the sugar – whether cane, honey, agave, or maple - kills ‘em anyhow). Cults by definition always feel at the margins of places, so they rail against everything connected with the dominant belief system, even to the point of embracing what’s preposterous as long as that helps the larger cause... like Kwanzaa, so let’s upgrade its status. Or worse, presupposing only deists hold Inquisitions (e.g., the Torquemada - a couple thousand burned at the stake over the course of 3 centuries) while forgiving the unholy trinity of Stalin, Hitler, & Mao for resisting Imperialism (50+ million exterminated in but 1 generation). For a raw uncooked food (packed with “live” enzymes) this is dead, with the body of a corpse undergoing ceaseless debasement at the hands of Level 5, unfriendly ebola-type microbes.
Presentation   2.7 / 5
patties wrapped in dime bags
Aromas   3.2 / 5
nuts & fresh mulched sawdust
Textures/Melt   5.4 / 10
Shells: fudge
Centers: consistencies range from ear lobes to ear wax
Flavor   17.8 / 50
compost pile... the kind of squat you’d trade any day for a ham sandwich
Quality   4.6 / 30
Juvenile scattershot... malefactions too numerous to track.
Couverture: raw
Pecan – sludgehammer under-roasted on open mesquite coal
Almond – bone-dry marzipan keeps parching away until bittersweet almond oil burns atop a spiny-cactus; good for hedgehogs
Coconut – chocolate-colored coco-butter & some bee spit

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