Box Chocolate Review

Pierre Vivier

Info Details
Country USA   (Tallahassee, FL)
Style Classic      
Highs & lows; if this were a casino, play the over / under line
Presentation   3.4 / 5
mostly standard molds
Aromas   4.3 / 5
respectable balance point
Textures/Melt   7.4 / 10
Shells: medium
Centers: runs from liquid to satin cream
Flavor   36.8 / 50
initial upsurge dissipates w/o any force to fill the vacuum b/c pieces generally lack musculature save for a few notables as marked (*) among the Selections listed below
Quality   21.6 / 30
Crazily uneven
Couverture: Cacao Barry
Mystere** – pineapple(?) marzipan; warm fruit clarity; done by the Jamaican Rum; yeah mon Truffle Blanche – non-descript
Framboise – oozy liquor barrel; terrible misinterpretation
Toffee – butterful dominant crunch, low chocolate compliment
Caramel* – 1st a nut followed by butterscotch tracer; solid w/o pretense & well-harmonized - neither overstated nor shy
Praline – traditional Belgian style w/ coarse nut nibs for texture
Palais d’Or*** – thoroughly true Dark Criollo pad; exceptional, showing the potential
St. Tropez – passion fruit marzipan never quite works nor integrates until the very finish when it’s gone
Piemontais – related to the Praline & ganache of the Blanche; a narrow Belgian take
Gingerembre** – oh so slight & Frenchified - just a teasing peel of the spice confit to excite recognition; tremendous
Noisette – no great noise
Pistache – marzipan softened by pistachio to slight effect
Malibu – coconut patty cake
Mozart – more of the Praline, Blanche & Piemontais group
Whiskey Truffle*** – excellence; enters w/ a Champagne grape note before rapidly moving into the vapors of Kentucky
Mocha* – a bit of berry riding in over café; light, distinct

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