Box Chocolate Review

Telluride Truffle

Info Details
Country USA   (Telluride, CO)
Style Mainstream      
Black-tie Toblerone
Presentation   5 / 5
1st-rate packaging; sturdy corrugated box; triangular cut-pieces in the shape of mountain-peaks, though hardly unique (Toblerone), form a signature of the power & importance of place (Colorado Rockies)
Aromas   3.4 / 5
defrosted scent
Textures/Melt   7.2 / 10
Shells: thick
Centers: Belgian-adapted ganache w/ merciful restraint – limiting butter/cream intake
Flavor   34.6 / 50
stock Callebaut often adds little but murky cocoa fat & sugar to the mix, leaving many pieces strangling
Quality   22.8 / 30
Marginal elements, but overall grace paints a self-portrait back to its creative force, a woman named Penny Denny. Delivers passion & personality.
Couverture: Callebaut
Champagne – bubble, sizzle, & buzz under the hood of Dark & White cap; a cheap-sweet embrace that holds the astringent spirit deep into the solar plexus for therapeutic balm
Black Diamond (Tequila/Triple Sec)– quad force trailblazer; salt lifting the surfaces just enough to feel the contours of the ride, yielding ever-slight mellow caramel before forging a character of dense fudge/flourless cake; excellent
Valley Cow – Ben&Jerry’s style milk cowhide tucks in a timid Jack Daniels that all-too-lit-up the ditch called Callebaut
Alpenglow – again, thwarted by Callebaut’s interference, the Cabernet trampled underfoot by a treacly mud slide
First Tracks – creamy meltaway Milk-on-Milk over Chambord (rasp/blackberry liqueur); winsome confection, feminine pleaser
Class 5 – as obvious as catching an edge on raspberry while the other leg continues to fly away on cocoa powder
The Purist – better than feared; once thru the initial Callebaut slide, followed on by a saccharine turn-out, settles into almond/cashew nut-husk of respectable length
Snow-Capped – frightening run... somehow turns rum into marzipan slushie
Rocky Top – best counterpoint & balance of the collection w/ Kahlua-Cream forming a pass between the beans; excellent
Mud Season – well-measured benchmark, all the elements in the right ratios

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