Box Chocolate Review

Sin in a Box

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Country USA   (Dallas, TX)
Style Classic      
Sometimes it’s all on the name. Kinky fun; like the devil slips out of Prada & into chocolate. Before you know it, he recognizes you’re DOA. This stuff ain’t exactly hellraising Death by Chocolate, nor a dark paradise. That leaves ‘stuck in limbo’.
Presentation   3.4 / 5
spherical truffles
Aromas   3.7 / 5
milk choc air
Textures/Melt   7.9 / 10
Shells: semi-thick
Centers: generally excellent
Flavor   38.3 / 50
unique White-Chocolate cream ganaches lead to quick surfeit / heavy sedation at the bottom of the stomach
Quality   21.1 / 30
Developing situation with some distance to go.
Couverture: generic
Virgin – vanilla snow maiden w/ a boost of ontological cream-cheese that does not exist; hmmmm
Bad Boy – Cannondale makes a bike called ‘Urban Bad-Boy’ but this Milk-on-Milk leaves no trace of BMX skid marks on the malted trail
Bootylicious – Dark-on-White flecked w/ coconut; funk you
Witchy Woman – velvety smooth groove, less Dark & sultry than advertised
Burning Desire – Milk-on-Dark cinnamon seduction
Knowing Smiles – pure black lace
Promises, Promises – Amaretto... been there, heard that, believed it… but never quite like this before
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