Box Chocolate Review

Sweet Designs

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Country USA   (Lakewood, OH)
Style Industrial      
Defies all laws of cause & effect: incredibly nice woman (Ines), incredibly vile product.
Presentation   2.9 / 5
Hallmark Greeting Cards packaging & truffles
Aromas   1.4 / 5
commercial candle wax
Textures/Melt   4.3 / 10
Shells: generally thick & hard
Centers: semi-smooth
Flavor   18.6 / 50
forced to overcompensate w/ salt, rancid industrial nuts, Smuckers-like preserves, & other condiments to make up for chocolate droop used in the base
Quality   9.2 / 30
Couverture: “top secret” (probably Blommers)
Raspberry Truffle – hydrogenated cough syrup
Fat Finger Marshmallow Snickers Roll – a beautiful disaster
Milk Caramel – near zero redolence; slight pull on the teeth; traditional taste
Peanut Butter Cup – salt strong, hard cover; contrasting texture between smooth interior & armored shell; mismatched against shy chocolate
Toffee Crunch – salt, nut & butter go-‘round; brittle fight on the crunch w/ just enough break to hint at a wafer
Pecan Circle – respectable confection; deft toss between nut, salt & caramel substrata, except chocolate, again, goes AWOL
Hazelnut – chocolate base pure paste
Dark Truffle – all one needs to know about the central problem – candle wax as chocolate; no verve, surge or lift; just putty
Mocha Truffle – showcases the impoverished quality of cocoa base; the need to add salt – however lightly – insults then assaults a pair of the strongest, most confident beans on earth (cacáo & coffee), & does nothing in this assemblage to draw them out
Signature Bar – marzipan/berry slab

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