Box Chocolate Review

Xocolate Bar

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Country USA   (San Rafael, CA)
Style New School      
Innovative & elaborate flavoring, perhaps too much so as complexity often overwhelms ability to convey & control. Rough around the edges but clearly a player developing game. 1 to watch.
Presentation   4.6 / 5
Bodega jukebox of shredded paper streamers & jolly dancing Buddha in the middle of it all
Aromas   3.8 / 5
spunked spice-pachanga funk
Textures/Melt   6.3 / 10
Shells: some hard-knocking shells (high cacáo butter content); about a 1:1.5 ratio putting it somewhere between Belgian & French
Centers: generally semi-soft
Flavor   41.7 / 50
infusion dominant for the most part; ramps up the spices & dried fruits
Quality   21.6 / 30
Some heavy-handed imbalances as well as some tightly fused combinations, exposing problems while showing promise.
Couverture: house blend of different couverture w/ retiring dark roast
Blackcurrant Sapphire – fierce octagon design; hardcore shell (really hard); Dark Choc w/ its own fruit impression met by gradual current of cassis, initially oppose each other before confluencial peak; clears out coffee overtones; tremendous magnifying & complementary elements – thick cocoa tannins + mildly tart currant; outstanding
Chai – unlike tea, more like masala; White Choc all about texture & warmed spices, especially heavy on the clove & cardamom end; good
Lavender Walnut Fudge – components blaring full tilt w/ near zero integration
Golden Buddha - soft bellied center, tamarind chased by mango chased by tamarind chased by... & all surrounded in agave; chocolate a BGP (background prop) until dropping the curtain, closing off the tart-n-tangy effects w/ pretty firm roast; bracing but worth it
Cardamom Corazon – way forward; spice pops / chocolate wilts; hard skin wraps a gushing soft heart that desperately wants its baby back & ain’t gonna get it
Aztec Amor – molded into cupid’s coat-of-arms, perfect for lintels or car hoodie ornament; merry Mex candy w/ orange zest taking the lead; guajillo pepper hardly registers; ditto for chocolate
Candied Ginger – box-cutter sharp; cocoa an innocently slain bystander

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