Box Chocolate Review

Cocoa West

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Country Canada   (Bowen Island, BC)
Style Neo-Modern      
Ala Jim Carey & Alanis Morissette, defyies the rep of the bland Canadian. But these ain’t funny, jagged, or fancy – just real good, like another star from Canada - Steve Nash.
Presentation   3.6 / 5
ochre & brown flap-style box; whimsical designs (starfish; domino) or hand rolled truffles; artfully done
Aromas   4.2 / 5
distinct, warm chocolate breath
Textures/Melt   8.9 / 10
Shells: medium gauge
Centers: velvet smooth
Flavor   43.1 / 50
mellow rich; sweet & savory spices add subtlety to the mix
Quality   26.7 / 30
Poised balance; soft & light.
Starfish - Milk Choc w/ cinnamon; cute fish
Domino - play this & knock over a Dark, liquid chocolate caramel
Truffle I – Dark-on-Dark rolled in nuts; straight, deep, rich, full earth
Truffle II - Dark ganache & liquid caramel w/ toffee tones; sweet, soft goo rolled in nuts for crunching contrast
Milk Chocolate – Milk-on-Milk, rolled in cocoa, underscored in cinnamon chai
Palat d’Or – mild, mellow earth creeps up on by subtle high fruit
Pepper – Dark-over-Dark, accented w/ chili / paprika working against chocolate’s inherent cherry tones for a new blend of red
Mondrain – square in a square... Dark-on-Dark & flecks of raisin finely chopped in the middle which together brighten & sweeten to a tang

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