Box Chocolate Review


Info Details
Country Belgium   (Gent)
Style Mainstream      
Neutered flavors seemingly authored by Anonymous for the Androgynous. Mass passed as Class, which means it could sell lots of units but show up in only a few dreams.
Presentation   3.6 / 5
Int’l - ready for export
Aromas   3.3 / 5
subtropics – pineapple, orange, coconut
Textures/Melt   4.8 / 10
Shells: preservative-gauge thickness
Centers: non-descript
Flavor   38.3 / 50
couverture a BGP (background prop) lacking guts against medium-strength infusions, giving an illusion of balance that’s in fact rather one-sided; hence, the better reps are in the White Chocolate category where couverture matters least
Quality   21.1 / 30
Commercial craft airmailed in.
Couverture: Callebaut
Charleroi – set in a lion’s-mold; supposedly a plain dark but roaring black & blue berry dominate w/in a muscular chocolate frame... to a café tail; excellent
Brugge – vanilla butter cream; smells & tastes a little like the town it’s named after – septic
Damme – Dark-on-Dark w/ lightning bright raspberry infusion; far from overpowering but chocolate base lacks guts to support it; damnable
Brussel – Dark-on-Milk crowned in festive orange; similar to raspberry Damme, very little chocolate capital
Bouillon – Dark-on-Milk; softly caramelized hazelnuts where every character hides behind soupy veil of sugar
Dinant – tiramisu complete w/ crunchy breadcrumbs; good verisimilitude to the dessert
Cognac – cacáo warmly caramelizes brandy’s peat notes; a showcase
Gent – all Milk Choc almond praline accented gingerly by the spice of the same name; draws nuts into roasted / more unctuous tones & then fuses w/ them to form an inventive flavor combine; tremendous
Sint-Niklaas – perfume opens to pistachio ganache w/ florid citrus harmonics; White Choc at its merry-blast best
Oostende – so much White-on-White (chocolate ‘n coconut) tastes egg whites; makes great flavoring for protein powder
Binche – White Choc over creamed-hazelnut filling w/ shocking length
Hasselt – 3 layers (White, Milk & semi-Dark) whip it for thick mocha cream sauce
Ieper – baton of soft solid gianduja w/ just enough filbert to break thru the butter
Chimay – starts out an after-dinner mint from cheap oil, rights itself, then settles into a finely-infused alternating current of cool mint & warm cocoa
Waterloo – wages brave fight but in the end succumbs to a sticky mess

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