Box Chocolate Review

Christian Constant

Info Details
Country France   (Paris)
Style Old School      
Flora-horticultural study & apothecary throw-back. Cacáo a mere conduit, all about the Constant: potions, elixirs, tinctured flavors, mirrors, & chocolate hypnosis to make believe... constantly.
Presentation   5 / 5
library edge (if a library can have one); solid, weighty; leather, wood, & knowledge
Aromas   4.6 / 5
Textures/Melt   8.4 / 10
Shells: thin shells
Centers: firm signature yet creamy
Flavor   42.3 / 50
ultra-refined subtle French notch
Quality   26.4 / 30
Unmistakable & indisputable; basic 3-pattern: 1) soft taffy texture -> 2) elapsed meltdown -> 3) naked infusion; obstinate & questionable use, however, of much-hyped Criollos does more for intellection than olfactory satisfaction as cacáo occupies the distant reserved rear in these arrangements.
Couverture: various
Ylang – purest quintessential medical vector distilled absolute w/ a tip toward licorice; from Mayotte, Comoros
Orange Blossom – extrasensory flower - not fruit - nearly rose attar
Tuberose – night-bloomer of agave family; real amplifier seemingly continues to re-produce itself w/ after-shimmers; at once sweet, floral, & cactus tough; jasmine-like w/ a spike
Frangipani – tantamount to spice fig flower; chocolate a mere blank canvas to this power partner; prime injection of lethal poison as strong medicine
Tahitian Vanilla – standard; cream submerges both flower & bean
Ginger – intensely coy; mysterious til ganache dissolves & left chewing on the root; big talent
Natur – plain Choc w/ thin rim vanilla around a berry-like hub; benchmark glimpse into the maker shows natural classical tendencies sans flair / embellishments – just letting of the elements
Earl Grey – tea as perfume; subtle strength, long, & reflexive; one of the masters of the collection
Malabar Cardamom – both beans 2 shy-shy
Ceylan Tea – practically undetectable, so closely matched the pairing, a dialect synthesis
Verbena – super subtle notch to sub-sublimal phantom magic; in the end a French poetrick... bouquet essence w/o substance; the so-quiet-cure for insomnia
Yemin Jasmine & Green Tea – another tour on his course covering dialectically synthetic global trade theory

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