Box Chocolate Review


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Country France   (Paris)
Style New School      
Early stage; nothing special is the house specialty
Presentation   3.2 / 5
snakeskin leather & black diamond
Aromas   2.9 / 5
infused out
Textures/Melt   7.1 / 10
Shells: medium armor-plated
Centers: medium bodied , give way freely
Flavor   40.3 / 50
center to forward – clear & recognizable
Quality   22.8 / 30
Couverture often hides in recession; infusions & inclusions carry the weight toward candy confection
Couverture: various
Balsas Amer – grows up Sambuca-like w/ trace Milk ending
Loise Basalic – basil, dough, clotted cream instead of cheese, just add tomatoes for French pizza (comes complete w/ garlic-substitute – cinnamon)
Ayora Poivre – no heat, no feet, just blank dark cul-de-sac
Richelieu Praline Citron – innovative; exceedingly transparent; well-proportioned lemon-almond wafer FXs
Bergamote Tea - firmest shell & texture of the set; formidable A-1
Framboise – liquid raspberry smuckers
Fleur de Rose – enough essential oil, w/ virtually no chocolate foil, to give this instead of flowers
Praline – adult nutella
Gianduja – whole filbert sandwiched between layers of Milk Choc; think (couture) Snickers cubed w/ peanut substitute
Tumacos Nature – major fragrance (lilac, jasmine & goldenberries – the offshotts of Columbian cacáo) creamed away into nothing special – the house specialty
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