Box Chocolate Review

Unlimited Delicious

Info Details
Country Netherlands   (Amsterdam)
Style Industrial      
Unlimited vicious
Presentation   4.2 / 5
moderne baroque
Aromas   3.4 / 5
airborne collision
Textures/Melt   4.6 / 10
Shells: thick & solid
Centers: firm, full bodied
Flavor   27.8 / 50
over the top; stuck slag
Quality   16.5 / 30
Claustrophobic; what ever happened to Dutch chocolate & the artistry of great Dutch masters like Vermeer, Rembrandt, Van Dyke, & camera obscura experimenting with light for detail?
Couverture: cheap generic
Kardamom – White-on-Dark w/ full-on cardamom pop atop Choc that inheres a pumpkin seed note which altogether fizzes up soda cola
Rum met Javakaffie – another White-over-Dark; coffee dominant opposite rum butter that stays segregated
Muscatel de Setubel – White thru & thru; acceptable notwithstanding plastic cheese in the background
Walnut – Milk Choc mowed down by whole nut case
Cassis – overly sweetened / overly magnified blackberry just over-wanks Milk Choc Milk Chocolate Praline – wafer crisp; rare success
Dark Balsamic Piment – penny licorice, dime store chocolate + maybe 50 cent vinegar, generate a million dollar effect; luck happens
Dragon Zeezout – savory combo salt blast for scoured taste buds in need of being slayed by the dragon
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