Box Chocolate Review


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Country Switzerland   (Zurich)
Style Industrial      
The Matterhorn of chocolate-flavored mammary.
Presentation   4 / 5
round, classic Swiss truffle
Aromas   2.8 / 5
dull, dusted, & powdered sugar + cake frosting
Textures/Melt   4.8 / 10
Shells: Swiss thick
Centers: equally waxy as creamy
Flavor   29.4 / 50
generally a cream theme w/ flavor / cocoa added as an after-thought
Quality   15.6 / 30
Experienced & standardized
Couverture: Lindt
Grand Cru Maracaibo– waste of Criollo; light toasted brownie
Plain Dark – mountain-fresh cream over dirty bulk bean for standard mainline flavor w/ lite backbite
Raspberry – shy fruit against inconsequential cocoa
Milk Caramel – contrasting hard shell / soft center; butterscotch & minor salt FXs; minute malted grain at finish; very good
Grand Marnier – lateral progression - sweet citrus heats up to alcohol soothed in Milk Choc; dissipates caramel
Praline – micro-crunches its way around Milk Choc thru flavors of almonds, wafer, & toffee
Milk-on-Dark – most assertive of the set; uniformly dark tannins, fudge-like consistency, breakdown into dense brownie w/ walnut & pastry butter tones
Champagne – ghoulish & Germanic; Dark w/ white custard filling rolled in powdered sugared unified by stringent grape that highlights pastry butter wax at the back
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