Box Chocolate Review

Raw Chocolate Love

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Country USA   (NYC)
Style Old School      
Most raw chocolate 'love' on the market is powdered ejaculate. RCL-NYC understands this fact, & its own DNA well enough to reproduce offspring that’s trill (true & real) without being the genuine article – notwithstanding all the organic ingredients in the mix - in much the same way portobello can taste like sirloin. As any reader of William Gibson’s cyber-punk knows, simulation is more real than real.

Is it as good?
Presentation   4.3 / 5
slabs shaped into a ceremonial sarcophagus
Aromas   3.1 / 5
DOA but still warm, scented w/ toasted grains & cocoa... once the indestructable resistant wrapper is opened & the lid lifted... decomposition resumes
Textures/Melt   7.2 / 10
Shells: n/a
Centers: fudge crumb & micro-crunch
Flavor   39.8 / 50
little core chocolate flavor (the deficiency of raw cacáo); compensated for by a proportionate &, for the most part, compatible assemblage of ingredients
Quality   24.6 / 30
Unrefined but not crude
Couverture: raw cacáo
Pure Dark - coconut & vanilla against dense sweeteners (agave, mesquite) over dim cocoa that most will mistake as great
Hempseed - green-pea / hempseed action on the verge of gag... stalls & dies out
Dark Espresso - crowd-getter; monster coffee grinder w/ mounds of sugar
Mint Elegance - mint way out in front but stays braced w/in the framework of this line’s confectionary base

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