Box Chocolate Review


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Country USA   (NYC)
Style Industrial      
“The time we shared... intimate conversation, & lots of dark chocolate (the best in the world) came from a small shop on upper Broadway called Mondel.” - Katherine Hepburn

Kate, you’ll be heartbroke. Things & times change. Mondel still serves the Columbia University community. A bustle here & a hustle there, New York City's the place where... but, hey suga, take a walk on the wild-side or being James Dean even for a day just got more difficult ever since the crack ‘n heroin den on West 105th Street, whose sales always peaked during finals exam week, was raided a couple years back. Now it ain’t even close to Kid Rock’s Sweet Home Alabama (‘doin’ different things & smokin’ funny things’). Nope, the student body is left with this sludge, a squalid whiff of the faded past.
Presentation   1.6 / 5
sickly wan group of poor molds
Aromas   1.9 / 5
old candy store jellies, oils, artificial flavors, & dust
Textures/Melt   5.1 / 10
Shells: bullet-proof
Centers: putty
Flavor   9.6 / 50
1950s... from the art period known as the ‘Eisenhower Style’, a quasi military-industrial complex fronting for ADM (Archer-Daniel Midlands) – that global conglomerate of agribiz & so much more; all about the filling – corn syrup, granulated sugar, & fake Hi-C™ flavors – set in a lifeless chocolate shell
Quality   4.2 / 30
A dinosaur. Better bagged product for Halloween can be had at Walmart’s™.
Couverture: Merckens
Hazelnut - cloying fill of corn syrup w/ mint overtones to resuscitate a dead chocolate base
Coffee - well-defined coffee disappears into a black hole of nothingness where at the very recessed corner is something resembling a speck of cocoa
Raspberry - Smuckers™ w/ salt; innovative;--)
Dark Caramel - porn syrup, cold sorbital, & more chemicals make a grousing butterscotch for glopping on pancakes
Milk Caramel - sticky enough to pull teeth out, sweet enough to dissolve them
Milk Mocha - malted grains
Two-Tone - chalk ball for people prone to pica

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