Box Chocolate Review


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Country France   (Bordeaux)
Style Classic      
Tiny multiple-vortex tornadoes in the cockpit of your mouth
Presentation   4.4 / 5
no pretension – gets right to business w/ an extensive & varied selection of enrobe’d & hand-rolled
Aromas   4.1 / 5
fruited marinades, coconuts, & cocoa
Textures/Melt   9.4 / 10
Shells: medium yet so yielding to come off thin silk sheets... unbearably soft all over... 5-Star porno hotel
Centers: plump body shops that auto-swoon
Flavor   46.1 / 50
transparent; clear diction, all the vowels & consonants pronounced; occasionally chocolate-shy & some sugar-glee in otherwise truth-seeking vignettes
Quality   28.3 / 30
Checks all the boxes (top-line ingredients, culinary skills, pairings/relationships, flavor equilibrium, etc) then adds that extra je ne sais quoi: sensuality
Palet Saunion - thru the volcanic pyroclastic glass darkly treacled in molasses / prune tones for kirsch/grappa FXs; among the boldest signature palets d’or anywhere; a neo-noir force
1893 - Dark cover to a Milk Gianduja center; hyper sweet cheerleading still conveys hazelnut meat w/ just a micron of a single nano-crunch
Aliénor - prune of just the slightest juju gum texture marinated in Dark cocoa tannins distilling plum brandy; scale, breadth, & synergy w/ tremendous restraint
Magnolia - bleeding star anise cut by whole almond, joined together in salt, lucidly showing the high compatibility between the oil of bittersweet almond & anise’s licorice-like fusion
Bali - ginger, fresh as juice, too expressed for couverture to contain it; rare overstatement
Sultane - Milk Choc gianduja; twee sweet & powdery compensated by lasting hazelnut butter at the back
Gallien - nougatine praliné... the real deal; no chocolate, just the caramelized nut ball of multi-structured flavor; great showcase, really bares the guts w/ nowhere to hide
Clemenceau - cherry confit in rum upholstered in Dark Choc; similar to the Aliénor in how it hits all the cylinders but w/ deft restraint that ironically pronounces each component ever more so into a force multiplier
Pivolo - bristling Dark-on-Dark cocoa-coffee united in cream

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