Info Details
Country Germany   
Type Brut   (82%)
Strain Nacional   
Source Ecuador   (Los Rios, Hacienda Iara)
Flavor Earthen   (scorched earth)
Style Industrial      (w/ nod to Old School)
Neolithic Chocolate thru the flames of time. True to form, Coppeneur hits the over-roast button, starting a forest fire, & leaves the rainforest in ruins while engaging in Bismarck’s definition of pre-emptive war by "committing suicide out of fear of death."
Appearance   5 / 5
Elle model / dangerously beeeeeeeautiful
Color: deep dark umber brown w/ violet ray
Surface: another supreme surface from Coppeneur; soft plate perfectly smooth enough for a screen projector impression
Temper: glisten up
Snap: loud & clear as stilettos on a tile floor
Aroma   1 / 10
upon opening…POW – the trippie-heady-dude can’t take another poke off the bong nose of this recoiling powerhouse; tremendous earthen terra cotta / bamboo, light minerals, spices (the 3Cs - cinnamon, clove, cardamom), robust espresso, & clean fruit (candy raisin & wild strawberry) w/ floral underprints (hibiscus, lavender, jasmine) cut thru a great C H O C O L A T E scent; basically a sativa garden of the gods
Mouthfeel   8.9 / 15
Texture: dry & pasty turns smooth w/ good dispersion
Melt: cloy & clumpy
Flavor   29.1 / 50
the bite on this bar is more ferocious than its bark... some kind of remorseless Rottweiler, really... starting w/ cocoa -> intense bitter edge -> deep espresso oils -> titty teaser fruits (orange to bergamot) balance it all out until a thick dark burnt-smog subsumes everything in smoke damage
Quality   12.3 / 20
Built then scorched like a brick shithouse in the rainforest. Poised & well-conched before losing control in an insanely roasted episode. It’s a stretch but, believe it or not, on the cusp of greatness.


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