Info Details
Country USA   
Type Flavored   (Goat’s Milk; Salt, Dark-Milk 52%; Lot #111208)
Strain Ceylan   (???)
Source Mexico   (Xoconochco)
Flavor Earthen   
Style Retro-American      
A goat schtücker that leaves an imprint. At first, you’ll miss it like that love who’s gone; but ultimately this just misses it by turning freakishly hairy. show more »
Appearance   4.1 / 5
Color: annato brown
Surface: Xoconochco
Temper: soft sheen
Snap: high & sharp; bloom & airholes along break wall
Aroma   7.3 / 10
desiccated & closed: dry cocoa / milk powder + dried cherry -> chiche wood & peanut underneath -> opens up achiote & goat’s funk caramel
Mouthfeel   10.6 / 15
Texture: gum thick
Melt: plodding lollygag
Flavor   34.4 / 50
a bearded goat: chocolate cherry rapidly gives way to dry chiche wood -> goat casein -> lifted momentarily by eucalyptus mint, the last breath of a goat's fatty capric acid -> goat hair weighs it down until salt crystals zap it into a lead battery of caramel funkatosis -> grass seed & star anise -> peanut toffee hit, backed in bark -> carob (St. John’s bread) -> lingers sheet rock swathed in goat skin -> chalks & caulks out
Quality   11.8 / 20
Innovation has its costs & this novelty item has Goat Milk acting on the origin as Nibs did in Askinosie’s Soconusco Nibble - by reducing acidity & flattening the contour. Unfortunately, it also has the paralyzing effect found in Askinosie’s White: ill-advised choices & incompatible pairings, a dreadful culinary media in need of reformulation.

For starters, lose the goat milk, or at least source it from a supplier that retains its tang instead of some protein-powder that down-plunks & plonks underfoot, trampling roughshod over close to 50% sugar content (destroying sweetness for the most part & making this unneccessarily harsh) let alone cacáo beans which miraculously sustain themselves enough to help generate modicum caramel/toffee tufts.

Next, chocolate allies who are likewise innovative can be instructive. For this particular category (Flavored Dark-Milk), consider Mast Brothers who possess serious culinary skills.

Finally, in addition to Flavor, the Texture militates for better staging & conching of the ingredients.

ING: cocoa mass, cane juice, goat’s milk powder, cacáo butter, sea salt


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