Info Details
Country Switzerland   
Type Dark   (90%)
Strain Blend   
Flavor Naked   
Style Classic      

That King Kong in Lindt’s 85% bulks up here by 5 degrees... not on steroids or anything... just the opposite: once off the juice, muscle turns to blubber.

Petting-zoo appropriate.
Appearance   4.7 / 5
Color: ebony blackwatch
Surface: mistake-free other than the long swale off the back
Temper: softly burnished
Snap: high-pitched vibraphone; sheered edge
Aroma   8.1 / 10
a certain reserve: dry cocoa dust -> smoked hickory nuts & concentrated green olive in cigarette ash -> firm fromage (Alpage Prattigau adds grass ‘n hay) -> clove at the bottom; all-in-all a dense wall
Mouthfeel   11.9 / 15
Texture: over-conched into paste
Melt: a bit stuck... affixes to the dents
Flavor   42.8 / 50
cocoa dust in the Aromatics forms a sandstorm of doctored chocolate fighting for its tannins -> cacáo butter spreads them centrifugal -> smoked hickory nut (beautiful) to macadamia -> goes a little biscuit, even Criollo cream to hold off a threatening bitter brewing underneath towards peach-cobbler surprise -> refuels vanilla -> charred cookie dough -> hits the kill-switch on ash, iron, & hemoglobin
Quality   15.4 / 20
Catering by the Chamber of Commerce: 90% sounds bigger & baddder than actuality. This slots between Lindt’s 85% & its 99% Noirissime, the difference being increased butter compared to the former, affording it so much control to feel borderline vacant, & heavily conched ala Noirissime, as well as at least partially Dutched (foreshadowed by the Color). Stripped for the most part into a single dimension, with none of the schisandra berry tingle that glimpses the 85, this never really comes alive. Lindt then tries to return flavor by roasting on the edge in a ‘European Giver’ syndrome: what it takes away, it gives back.... sort of. For folks looking to meet the RDA for anti-oxidants & cholesterol from high cacáo-content chocolate.

ING: cocoa mass, cocoa powder, cacáo butter, sugar, vanilla
CBS (Mass / Butter / Sugar): 6:7:1

Reviewed 8/24/09


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