75% Blend w/ Nibs

by Soma
Info Details
Country Canada   
Type Brut   (75% w/ Nibs; Batch ACS1)
Strain Blend   
Source (Ghana; Madagascar; Dominican Republic; Peru; Papua)
Flavor Crossover   (Earthen x Twang)
Style Neo-Modern      
Not friggin but ‘freegan’... those tendentious culture-jammers against ‘affluenza’ led by the good-god luvin’ Rev. Billy & his mainstay epistle writer Michel Foucault, taking up the anti-consumerism / post-materialist bent into dumpster diving, plate scraping, wild foraging, guerilla gardening, shoplifting, hacking, tax resistance, & good-hearted barter & bikes documented in the film Bin Appetite.

Not wastrels; just waste-nots.

Few of them of course are poor or homeless – just the opposite, many are trustafarians - but as a political statement they put the ‘free’ back into the ‘free market'. Doubly so when compared to their bailed-out brethren: those corporations practicing financial freeganism.

A bar some freegan might find along their varied & humorous paths to substitute for a breakfast pop-tart or a dinner dessert. Considering its retail price, it’d be a major coup of a score.
Appearance   4.2 / 5
beautifully hideous
Color: scar(let) brown
Surface: an active volcano of crags, craters, & caves
Temper: angry mess
Snap: decrepit; but better edge wall than expected
Aroma   8.4 / 10
medicinal / hospital: perfumed saponins (ylang) -> ionized cocoa -> wintergreen, evergreens, & pine trees -> wet pecans w/ mite anise seed -> slides out boarding (cardboard) & vents tobaccocoa
Mouthfeel   11.2 / 15
Texture: ramshackle
Melt: turbulent (very clean evacuation however; no grip / nothing astringent)
Flavor   32.9 / 50
spiced chocolate -> disruptive raw cacáo -> chicle wintergreen gum further cools the mix -> eucalyptus & licorice -> lime to guava swell -> champagne grape -> tannins level & warm the profile some as Nibs work their way thru like so many cocoa cinders, resulting in mangosteen & low background bitter -> wintergreen stays on it w/ ylang as it goes out... pau d’arco & uña de gato in the aft-FX
Quality   10.6 / 20
Ill defined & fairly unrefined, bordering raw – underdeveloped at least. Nibs contribute to this, as does a relatively low roast -- by Soma’s standard. Moreover, a panoply of origins that just throws the sink at this bar; every compass point covered (Africa; Caribia, Amazonia; Oceania) creating a riotous chocolate take on herding cats... everything going every which way.

In tossing practically the whole world into the mix, Soma conducts an experiment on ‘trial & error’ to see what sticks to the palate walls, a tumult that succeeded in the abstract expressions of Jackson Pollack’s floor canvases which hang in museums around the world but causes an accident here.

ING: cocoa mass, sugar spice

Reviewed Spring 2010


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