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Country Germany   
Type Flavored   (Coffee in 66% cacáo-content; Batch 25586)
Strain Hybrid   
Source Dominican Republic   
Flavor Spices & Herbs   
Style Mainstream      
A bar that takes minority rights to the nth degree as 7% coffee runs roughshod over the will of two-thirds majority: the 66% cacáo-content.

Tantamount to reverse discrimination. Someone please call the Justice Dept to report a hate crime.
Appearance   3.9 / 5

8-r-ade... take just eight beans to destruction
Color: ink jet brown
Surface: studly; coffee beans hastily & unevenly distibuted
Temper: waxen
Snap: thin-voiced
Aroma   8 / 10
mead up in the café for a little kaffeeklatsch: coffee cherries-bearing their own warm resident notes of honey & caramel in a neutral seedbed of cocoa -> further imbalanced by rubber
Mouthfeel   9.8 / 15
Texture: tough cream (the couverture) / tender crush (of the café)
Melt: soggy beans
Flavor   35.3 / 50
fast breaking coffee acids -- sharp & smart... deepens to espresso strength as the whole beans crack around the teeth & darken to overtake the onrushing sweet -> bland coffee-sugar wash -> get set to nit-pick coffee grits out of the dental pockets for days
Quality   11.6 / 20
Haphazard construction... from the look of the coffee beans just cast & thrown into the mold, to the overbearing Flavor Profile. None of the ambidextrous finesse of Coppeneur's former greatness; & in particular the Jamaica Blue Mt. The climb up to the summit may have been slow but the fall down the mountain is precipitous. Coppeneur taking the plunge... from its pinnacle peaks.

Chocolate inconsequential & helpless. Coffee communicates poorly with it, which just feels lost in the brew despite comprising 66% of the mix. Cacáo feebly tries to stand its ground but gets steamrolled in the process -- literally, as soggy coffee beans, probably pre-steamed for "their roasting", annihilate the cocoa.

And 7% coffee? If 3% vanilla often proves overwhelming, what does Coppeneur expect from more than twice that amount for a volatile that, gram for gram, is arguably stronger? It violates a fundamental of chocolate physics / alchemy: cacáo may be potent but intensely fragile.

So, instead, sugar becomes the greatest modulator & lone barrier to having it black (sugar, no cream please).

A coffee bar in disguise to hoodwink the kids.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, coffee, lecithin

Reviewed May 15, 2012


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