70% Dominican

by Holy Cacao
Info Details
Country Israel   
Type Dark   (a very noir 70%)
Strain Blend   (a bit of everything)
Source Dominican Republic   (Conacado Cooperative)
Flavor Crossover   
Style Old School      (charm & character)
Holy Cacao, & a co-op organized to empower struggling planters, plus enough diverse pods shakin' the trees... to hum kumbaya together.

They all generate flavors to cause a spontaneous meditation upon the Latin e pluribus non unum sed plures ("out of many comes, not one, but more").
Appearance   4.7 / 5
Color: gorgeous mahogany
Surface: a beauty bar; major dimples on the back
Temper: radiant
Snap: heartbreaker & a ball buster; damn
Aroma   6 / 10
tar 'n nicotine; filth & pestilence
overworked (ferment / dry / roast)?
after a long while it yields a dirty cocoa-coffee fruit spot (horned melon)
Mouthfeel   12.2 / 15
Texture: coarse & jagged start...
Melt: ... turns lumpy & plodding but terrific recovery / finale (round & plump)
Flavor   46.8 / 50
melon forms a bridge from the Aromatics -> strip cocoa triggers a quick progression of sapote -> deeper red (strawberry) -> crossed by a browned fruit (dried apricot) -> stuff happening fast...
coffee + a big pounding cigar to numb the lips
settles-in some as butter waxes up creamed plantain which, with that café, makes for some mocha latte -> brief but turgid molasses -> shuts down roasted vanillAlmondine
Quality   17.6 / 20
Another in a proud line sourced from Conacado in the D.R., a certified co-op of 8 or so "bloques" (properties) that collects stamps (Fair-Trade, organic, et. al.). the C-spot's® Chocolate Census houses several such Conacado bars, perhaps none better than SOMA's (because it ranks as one of the great bars ever... from anyone / anywhere).

This chocolate by Holy Cacao follows closely in its wake.

Fast-paced fab-evolution defies a halting Texture (not to mention the Aroma).

Tremendous velocity & range in fact, especially over the the first half. Even when it slows down, this still retains plenty of fuel for flavors to keep coming. A dark cast of stellar highlights.

Clearly lots of cacáo diversity from this single-origin. Enough to assemble a mini-U.N. of flavor, or at least the Security Council sitting around one bar.

Big Island Chocolate... that re-affirms The Dominican Republic's cacáo supremacy.

Reviewed October 29, 2013


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