Prohibition Truffle Bars

by ChristinEats
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Country USA   
Type Flavored   (various)
Strain Amazon   
Source (various)
Flavor Crossover   
Style New School      (particularly the format)
A sexed update on Descartes-as-some-pinup-model: Christine Eats therefore She Swallows…. no, not like that, horny younglings… but of the songbird, naturally.

This girl's got pipes for chocolate liquor.
The following summarizes ChristinEats' Prohibition Truffle Bars that fill the slot between a bar & a bombone (the shape of the former & usually the taste of the latter). In the Flavor Section below, individual bars are listed with a brief synopsis & rating of each. The general rating (at the upper right) reflects their composite average.

Appearance   4.1 / 5
Color: true to their respective categories
Surface: cosmetician-grade moulds with raised pillows (some concavity on the airside due to shrinkage & setting temperature)
Temper: paparazzi-level mega-wattage
Snap: easy
Aroma   8.3 / 10
generally transparent
Mouthfeel   10.6 / 15
Texture: grain meal
Melt: tottering
Flavor   39 / 50
Dark Chocolate with Bourbon Caramel & Sea Salt - a bit heavy on the corn syrup (verging on pecan pie level), ditto the overall sugar level (Guittard's bulwark 61% hardly the darkest Dark around), & texture gums up the works some but the Maker's Mark Bourbon & the Gueranda gray sea salt, both well-measured & tailored, raise this complex (of grass, spice, sap) to a weapon of mass seduction whose victims will both lick AND swallow it up;
A formidable All-Americana stack (the veritable staples of the ancients -- corn & cacáo distilled into Bourbon & Chocolate respectively with a lift from another New World wonder -- vanilla)
The most proficient & fluent of the set

Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter & Vanilla Vodka -- peanut skins & potatoes on the nose / peanuts & mashed potatoes on the tongue; very grainy gruel which contributes to a beveled surface on the molding (ahhh, got it, the distillery mash experiences a collapse); vodka basically shows up vaporware as any room hosting an AA meeting that heals its members by trading one addiction for another in replacing alcohol with sugar
A mishap worse than spilt milk: a meager pour

White Chocolate Limoncello Ganache -- a tropical breeze scent with as much grapefruit & orange as lemon drifts up into the North Atlantic for a frozen creamsicle; if that fails to entice, the idealized mold further tantalizes… just spot-on perfect with an icy emerald (lemon emerald) hue buffed with high shine
some grain & gum to the Texture & ache to the tooth (hyper sweet)
the alcohol & added lemons cut thru but the White base, despite its own inborn lemon-analagues, effectively shunts & obfuscates the marriage in a cloudy Ouzo FX
reformulation in order -- scale back the sugar; more forward on the liquor (cocoa butter furnishes overhead to play with alcoholic heat); & upgrade the couverture
promising nonetheless
Quality   14.5 / 20
A hiccup or two but no doubt Christine will be able to twerk it all out.

Reviewed November 21, 2013


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