by fincaChocolate
Info Details
Country USA   
Type Dark   (to Brut)
Strain Hybrid   (including some unfermented Sanchez)
Source Dominican Republic   
Flavor Earthen   
Style Industrial      
Dan Hankle of fincaChocolate crafts earnestly to transform these mutts from The D.R. into something resembling chocolate (who thought in this day & age that anyone could so disparage Dominican cacáo, an island esteemed as the 'go-to' IT destination).

No getting around it though, just inadvertent mudslinging.

The following details a Chocolate Bar Blitz – in this case 5-in-1 reviews. the C-spot®still maintains its actual sampling policy of only ‘1-a-Day’ in order to obtain an accurate & thorough gauge on a chocolate; as well as to avoid inevitable palate fatigue which occurs with multi-swallows in a compressed time session (no matter what so-called miracle palate cleanser may be invoked). For the sake of publishing efficiency, all 5 are consolidated into this single review. The overall rating & metrics (upper right) reflect a composite average of each bar's individual measures listed below.
Appearance   4.3 / 5
100%: 4.4 OUT OF 5
85%: 4.6 OUT OF 5
80%: 3.9 OUT OF 5
75%: 4.7 OUT OF 5
70%: 4.0 OUT OF 5
Color: 100%: blackened brown
85%: silvered brown
80%: purpled-brown
75%: dark brown with a drop of magenta
70%: light magenta-brown
Surface: 100%: brushed
85%: hygenic… hyper-clean
80%: grease splatter on back
75%: practically flawless
70%: long brushstrokes
Temper: 100%: absorbent light
85%: relaxed
80%: uneven
75%: pacified
70%: parts shine, other parts dull
Snap: 100%: elocution
85%: happy
80%: dainty
75%: a squealer
70%: costive
Aroma   7.1 / 10
thick, dark sap… truly heavy if a little flat but still animated… a mix of charcoal, coffee & carob -> black walnut husks
7.8 OUT OF 10

parched -- blue-stone & yellow brewer's yeast -> quite cacáo verde
dried bark ignites for smoked cocoa
hops the track & goes pepper, as in pepperoni
7.4 OUT OF 10

potted palm in a stone-garden
turns bituminous… asphalt / tar fractions, then coffee grounds
6.7 OUT OF 10

more of the same
granite pressing on a peanut grounding
6.9 OUT OF 10

muddy cocoa ink
6.8 OUT OF 10

Mouthfeel   10.7 / 15
Texture: 100%: as expected, turgid paste
85%: thin gum
80%: decent
75%: rents into weak fat globules
70%: anemic
Melt: 100%: tries patience
11.9 OUT OF 15
85%: wayward
10.7 OUT OF 15
80%: moderate pace
11.9 OUT OF 15
75%: anemic
9.7 OUT OF 15
70%: quick set
9.5 OUT OF 15
Flavor   34.1 / 50
black licorice toffee -> black coffee -> black walnut shells… got the impression yet?… & it rolls darker from there
36.9 OUT OF 50

cinnamon opening quickly vanishes into equally fleeting cocoa, then cement, & finally dirt with some significant bitter edge, including some wild greens
34.3 OUT OF 50

molasses-accented chocolate -> sweet black mission figs -> lightens slightly with simple cane sugar but, alas, that tar from the Aroma too which soon enough takes over & puts a stranglehold on the remainder
29.7 OUT OF 50

similar contour, just sweeter as more refined sugar strips out some of the molasses -> obligatory coffee -> a saving grace: dirty brazil nut
32.1 OUT OF 50

sweet bland entrance…. just sugar, cocoa vainly striving to purchase a tongue-hold -> dilute watery molasses -> sugar liquid -> saccharine mud slush -> finishes up a faint spice taint
37.7 OUT OF 50

Quality   12.3 / 20
All the above bars crafted with Dominican cacáo sourced from The Cocoa Family operating out of Duarte, California. A problematic allotment that disinherits much of The D.R.'s renown.

Pretty standard 100% fare from the days before unsweetened started a move toward the accessible / approachable.
14.6 OUT OF 20

A real mixed bag -- literally. The scent gives it away with no need to look at any labels. A rarity: raw & ham notes together thanks to split batch: half 'n half roasted / unroasted. Certified schizophrenic.
11.2 OUT OF 20

Clear by now, if it wasn't already, that the cocoa quality here suffers. Bitter, astringent as some seeds unfermented / Sanchez-grade.
9.4 OUT OF 20

Diminishing returns
12.1 OUT OF 20

14.3 OUT OF 20

GEN'L SUMMARY -- bulk-grade; fincaChocolate, a relative upstart, should've rejected these beans on delivery.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar (excluding the 100%), cocoa butter

Reviewed December 16, 2014


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