Info Details
Country USA   
Type Dark   (70%; Lot 2208)
Strain Blend   
Source (various)
Flavor Naked   (x a subtle Crossover)
Style Mainstream      
Musique Foncée (French: Dark Musical Force).

Not quite Musique Concrète, that seminal French acoustic-électronique movement (because, well… unlike concrete this melts) but more like the influential Spectral Music (the flavors herein phantasmal & haunting).
Appearance   3.8 / 5
Color: deep brown
Surface: pistoles
Temper: flat
Snap: cosmic for such small discs
Aroma   8.2 / 10
traditional vanilla / coconut cocoa atop rattan / birch / wheat chaff + plantain & honey… all burst foirth for a banana-coconut cream pie FX
Mouthfeel   13 / 15
Texture: slick seduction
Melt: hydro
Flavor   44.9 / 50
cocoa dripping honey -> biscuit wafer filled with cream ala but better than any Oreo® -> spice load (sassafras, kola, clove) galvanizes a spiced fig (of the Turkish variety) -> slight white (lychee) -> coffee with cream 'n sugar -> parting cherry shot + cocoa syrup
Quality   17.7 / 20
Festive in a very brown way with a candied element. A fresh, unburnt sandwich cookie. So round -- virtually zero bitterness, astringency or stray note.

Guittard really aligns the blend to squarely hit the mid-America palate. Vanilla never so strategically deployed as it bridges sundry cocoas in this mix which in turn tuck & rotate it into a jointed way station between several origins & Flavor Profiles.

Pop Chocolate at its finest. Go on, confess to other guilty pleasures too like Madonna, Miley & Beyoncé… no, they ain't Alicia or Sadé, or even Pink, but when any diva will do...

Reviewed January 16, 2015


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