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Rating  Bar Name Maker Country Type Flavor Source Strain
Rating  Bar Name Maker Country Type Flavor Source Strain
Chucuri Guittard USA Semi-Dark Spices/Herbs Colombia Caucano
Ambanja Guittard USA Semi-Dark Fruits/Flowers Madagascar Criollo
Quevedo Guittard USA Semi-Dark Fruits/Flowers Ecuador Nacional
Complexité Guittard USA Dark Crossover Blend
Musique Foncée Guittard USA Dark Naked Blend
Quetzalcoatl Guittard USA Dark Naked Blend
Crème Française Guittard USA White Chocolate Crossover
Orinoco Guittard USA Milk Chocolate Sugar Blend
61% Guittard USA Semi-Dark Spices/Herbs Blend
Trinidad Guittard USA Semi-Dark Fruits/Flowers Trinidad Trinitario
Etienne Eureka Works Heritage Blend #27 Guittard USA Brut Earthen Blend
Ocumare 65% Guittard USA Dark Spices/Herbs Venezuela Ocumare
Sur del Lago Guittard USA Semi-Dark Fruits/Flowers Venezuela Sur del Lago
Machu Picchu Guittard USA Dark Spices/Herbs Peru Amazon
Nocturne Guittard USA Brut Fruits/Flowers Blend
Etoile du Nord Guittard USA Semi-Dark Earthen Blend
L'Harmonie Guittard USA Semi-Dark Crossover Blend
Heirloom I Guittard USA Semi-Dark Spices/Herbs Bolivia Hybrid
Heirloom III Guittard USA Semi-Dark Sugar Ecuador EET
Heirloom II Guittard USA Semi-Dark Fruits/Flowers Bolivia Beniano
Heirloom IV Guittard USA Dark Twang Hawai'i USA Hybrid
Heirloom V Guittard USA Dark Fruits/Flowers Ecuador EET
Heirloom IX: Piedra de Plata
Heirloom X: Apovinces
Guittard USA Semi-Dark Crossover Ecuador Nacional
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