Ecuador Triple Bar Set

by Toshi Yoroizuka
Info Details
Country Japan   
Type Semi-Dark   
Strain CCN-51   
Source Ecuador   
Flavor Twang   
Style retro-American      
In Japanese culture, seppuku (“stomach cutting”) was a ritual suicide performed by warriors (usually Samurai) rather than accept the dishonor of being captured. During the ritual, the warrior would slice up his abdomen & stretch out his neck, then one of his comrades would behead him.

Though banned in the 17th century, the practice persists today…. perhaps upon ingesting some of these bars.
Appearance   4.6 / 5
Color: unusually light for Ecuador
Surface: sprinkled Nib backs
Temper: looks entitled
Snap: magnus
Aroma   7 / 10
from raw to semi-roasted
Mouthfeel   11.9 / 15
Texture: smunch (smooth crunch)
Melt: durable thanks to the Nibs
Flavor   31.4 / 50
5 mins
big green banana + green cocoa -> woeful bitter / astringent back
5-minute roast hardly touches the seeds comprising this bar except to maybe reduce the pathogens of truly raw cacáo

10 mins
semi-raw cocoa -> undeveloped acidity sours the progression -> bitter herbs (mostly green) -> deteriorates into mulch & decomposing matter

15 mins
more of the same as the 2 up above except for a slightly more defined fruit trace -> rubber
Quality   -- / 20
An expo on roasting curves similar to the experiments advertised by Fresco.

The difference between these 5-minute intervals equates to very little differential in flavor -- each pretty cold tasting -- which begs: did anyone actually turn on the heat at all? Most successful roasts require yet an additional 5 more minutes anyways which begs: where's the 20 mins bar?

Beyond that, the overarching profile exhibits all the waterlogged prowess of CCN. On the face of it Toshi Yoroizuka owns its own cacáo grove in Ecuador.


Reviewed September 16, 2015


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