Dark w/ Raisins
Dark w/ Sesame
Dark w/ Peanuts
Green Vanilla
String Flower... +

by The Tea & Chocolate Place
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Country Honduras   
Type Beans   (+ Flavored)
Strain Criollo   (reputedly; unverified)
Source Honduras   (Copán Ruinas)
Flavor Naked   (+)
Style Old School      
REDUX REVIEW: Below are 2 separate rounds of The Tea & Chocolate Place bars -- one from Summer 2016 & the second Winter 2016

Cultivated & crafted in the shadows of the ruins constituting the ancient Mayan city called Copán. Shades perhaps of the very essence that founding Emperor K’inch Yax K’uk’ Mo’ imbibed in his time.

He the focal point on the Dazzler Vase (below), arguably the most famed vessel from all of Meoamerica, recovered within the royal Margarita Tomb in Copán, Honduras. It sports a goggle-eyed figure peering out the window of a talud-&-tablero style structure.

Mayanist David Stuart views this figure as the spirit of K’uk’ Mo’. A well-preserved layer of cacáo residue lines the bottom of the vase, retaining the hue of Dark chocolate, the remains of a possible ritual draft. The intent is that cacáo would sustain the departed on their long journey thru the underworld… the finest offering made even more sacred by its escorting them.

These offerings here from The Tea & Chocolate Place are sure to bring a smile to his face that descendants proudly carry on the seminal tradition which got the world rocking on chocolate.

A small cadre of local growers engaging in forest regeneration by planting non-grafted seedlings from the most authentic cacáo native to the area &/or adapted, including some possible relics of ancient strains.

2 main types / cultivars: a) red pods with pink-to-purple seeds; & b) yellow pods, quite warty with deep ridges. Set in a forest garden among vanilla, sapote, piper (pepper) relatives, chile, annatto, + more.

And moreover, with weather anomalies, migratory tensions & economic distress, a small global benefit, consider it a down payment, for everyone on the planet if they succeed.
Appearance   3.6 / 5
Color: blonds
Surface: look the other way
Temper: matte
Snap: apologetic
Aroma   7.3 / 10
tropical hardware in a swampland
nuts 'n bolts (the former the edible kind; the latter the screw type)
polymers from gorilla glue
stewed fruit
greasy brown sugar
generalized into junk yard kitchen
Mouthfeel   12.1 / 15
Texture: untempered
Melt: a flash... that lasts
Flavor   44.6 / 50

Whole Seeds
bites in engine grease, then the cocoa drive chain kicks it with an assist from brown-sugared chocolate -> roasted char to an espresso level -> runs out on Firestone® tires

Dark Chocolate with Raisins
dry cocoa milk 'n malt -> raisin furnishes more chew than flavor which indicates good potency to the cocoa until a floral grape drops the drape on this bar

Dark Chocolate with Sesame
chocolate popcorn (including the soft crunch of true sesame seeds from the first draft to the last waft) -> deepens into the oily golden pericarp -> glucose

Dark Chocolate with Peanuts
no Reese's® butter cup here but chocolate wedged with (seemingly) powdered peanuts (not actually the case however); very rustic, very elemental, very disaggregated


Green Vanilla
75% cacá-contnet
vanilla power without overwhelming though it dominates the cocoa-sugar base thanks to a proprietary-level vanilla less perfumed / more subtle than either the more pronounced Madagascan bourbon vanilla or even the Tahitian variety (both of the latter containing higher quants of intrinsic vanillin)
Tremendous persistency well after the melt thru & the matter of fact

String Flower + Green Vanilla
75% cacá-contnet
what wafts meal, maple & melons over the airways drops in a veil of green vanilla on sugar-spiced cocoa tannins with robust coffee back -> rear tobacco-licorice impressions

Piper sanctum
the pepper related to nigrum indigenous to Central America
base smoked-cocoa with wisps of sanctum... truly interior / subliminal rather than paraliminal

Hot Tortillas
flat tortilla-shaped rounds of chocolate & chili pepper, all sourced locally in Copán, Guatemala
fiery but gringo-friendly as the cocoa butter component to this 75% cacáo-content assembly balms the flaming pepper into tingling heat as opposed to any scorched Earth searing
Quality   17 / 20

Most will consider the Seeds unusual, rare & universally tasty. Hand-roasted over a clay griddle. Plans call for a drum roaster.

The bars prove deceptively involved. Admittedly a plain Dark would be revealing (UPDATE: one is forthcoming).

All sums up to student grade (re: intensely passionate) & skilled too (yeah, go on, try peeling cacáo seeds & keeping them whole without fragmenting into Nibs).


INGREDIENTS: 75% cocoa mass / cocoa butter, 25% brown sugar + respective add-ins

Reviewed June 16, 2016
Revised December 14, 2016


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