by Goodnow Farms
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Country USA   
Type Beans   (+ Dark)
Strain Amazon   (Contamana; + ICS; IMC; & perhaps CCN among others)
Source Peru   (Ucayali Valley)
Flavor Spices & Herbs   
Style Classic      
When the commodity price of gold tops US$1,000, miners get busy.

In Peru's once pristine Madre de Dios strand of the Amazon Rainforest -- a tree hive of macaws, monkeys, jaguars & butterflies the size of Austria -- hundreds of square miles lay waste & barren to the toxic sludge of illicit gold mining. Home now to chain saws & diesel pumps spewing forth from jungle boomtowns revved up with dirt bikes, makeshift brothels & gun fights.

Crews use brutal primitive methods involving mercury to extract the precious metal. Spent mercury, lethal to every life form around, then contaminates the surroundings. The irony: since they fish the same rivers they pollute, it ends up in their own bloodstream.

The money's good at least. At these exchange rates, 1 acre = ~1 ounce. Ahhh, nothing like a gold rush.

Chocolate, once a 'brown gold', hardly stands a fighting chance in the wake of this onslaught. Unless rescued by some saviour.

Welcome to the new new Amazon.

That is, Jeff Bezos as Cyber Noah & his Ark mixed with the holy grail or some other such Jesus bringing rapture to iPhones everywhere. People, come to grips with this via chocolate bars sourced from remaining vestiges of the rainforest. Get 'em while they're for the getting. Just a click away.

Amazon to regulators: who needs gov licenses or NGO certificates to sell gold, chocolate, or coke. On to flying dirt bikes & sex dolls.

Cha-ching bling-bling, taxis to the Amazon's version of a strip club-cum-strip mall
Appearance   4.8 / 5
Color: Nut Seed: copper-grey shell; deep dark cotyledons
Bar: "purple-trator"
Surface: Nut Seed: mixed bag; rounds & flats; slightly below avg size
Bar: precision moulding
Temper: Nut Seed: n/a
Bar: neutral
Snap: Nut Seed: n/a
Bar: tectonic; excellent integrity along the break wall
Aroma   8.2 / 10
Nut Seed
some sweatings / vinegar swipe checked by dried bush & deciduous bark

a yeast-feast hopped with hops fit for a stein
Mouthfeel   13.4 / 15
Texture: Nut Seed: easy bite
Bar: full
Melt: Nut Seed: n/a
Bar: prolonged
Flavor   45.1 / 50
Nut Seed
classic banana-cocoa Nib -> grows vegetal -> quart mineral streak -> savory endpoint

70% cacáo-content
sweet cocoa entrance deepens to sap then lite molasses-licorice -> fig -> wafer -> back spice (mastic & sassafras) -> lucuma powder alternates against fleeing verbena -> peach palm -> dry Campari
Quality   17.9 / 20
Sourced via the Ucayali River Cacao that collects from hundreds of growers in the valley & utilizes a Daniel O'Doherty fermentation protocol. Evidently, based on taste, well-prepped.

The seed inviting, all on-note. And the constancy of sweetness to the bar (both intrinsic & added-sugar) astonishes without cloying like so many confections & candies. Tremendous stamina & integration; built to last.

Nut Seed -- whole seed
Bar: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter

Reviewed December 5, 2017


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