Info Details
Country USA   
Type Flavored   (Goji, Acai, Currants; Semi-Dark 74%)
Strain Blend   
Flavor Fruits & Flowers   
Style Rustic      
Banks on the mass-market & branding psychology of the functional chocolate trend, currently all the rage in the food industry. A "health-healthy" 'mood-food' to improve well being & make chocolate an experience that is about more than just the taste (try rubbing it on the face). Super freakier than Rick James.
Appearance   3.4 / 5
Color: deep purple
Surface: a mess
Temper: dense shoe polish
Snap: angry & decrepit
Aroma   7.8 / 10
fruits play hide 'n seek among cocoanut, rubber tar, dark-roasted coffee, spices, mushroom & background diesel
Mouthfeel   11.2 / 15
Texture: complicated
Melt: bar crawling insomniac meandering in uneven dispersal & distribution
Flavor   43.9 / 50
currants flash out 1st, underscored by mealy cocoa pulling açai & goji into it rather than highlighting them -> stalls & stretches in the mid palate on simple chocolate until low-lying grating bitter-acid at the back releases tart cherry reduction -> fizzes up black cherryola -> semisweet chocolate -> out on fudge brownie
Quality   17.8 / 20
Multi-structured heap of dried-fruit health supplements turns into a psychodrama that has the mind wondering if something tasting this good can really be good for you. Resolved: just deny the sugar content.

Every doctor knows the Hippocratic oath (1st do no harm) & Dagoba harmlessly amps a bar bordering not quite prescription-grade (too rough for that) but the old-school pestle 'n mortar apothecary of grabbing medicine from the jungle, the forest, or the garden without any of the trace poisons found in Vosges' Goji suppository because, as Voltaire noted, "the art of medicine consists of keeping the patient amused while nature heals." This easily achieves that. The 3 super fruits here (really 4 counting cacáo) are symbiotic on several levels, bolstering while simultaneously being framed - in all likelihood - by Dagoba's otherwise venomous 74% New Moon bar for a tight set producing a cocoa-cola jam. Infectious concoction.

So ignore the hype. That chocolate also comes with anti-oxidants & other beneficial compounds is an added bonus & not the reason for eating it. That’s reserved for the joy that it brings.


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