Info Details
Country France   
Type Dark-Milk   (Semi-Milk?)
Strain Blend   
Flavor Earthen   
Style New School      
Jour et Nuit... day & night, black & white... like Imam 'n Bowie? Not quite; but does major damage with polished charisma to deserve cult status. A deceptive lure for snatching Milk babies to the Dark side.
Appearance   5 / 5
Bi-tonal... Duke Ellington/Billy Strahan's BROWN & Tan Fantasy
Color: 2 evenly poured layers: top semi-dark / milk bottom
Surface: perfect front face; bottom a pimply baby's behind
Temper: polished
Snap: muted; granular edge
Aroma   7.3 / 10
duals to a draw: neither outright Milk nor Dark but neutral cocoa w/ under-spin of hazelnut
Mouthfeel   12.9 / 15
Texture: tale of 2 cities... round & natural meets firm & silicon
Melt: very corporeal; collapses 3-60
Flavor   44.1 / 50
tongue-splitting start: buckets of softer/quicker bottom Milk takes the lead -> Darker section sinks into that milk bath... caramelized by it then toffees back to it -> snaps into precise alignment as they galvanize each other, releasing a series of salt-like savory depth charges -> melts deep into... not so much darkness but gianduja & licorice twilight where all disappears into thin cocoa dusk
Quality   18.3 / 20
Synergy & balance. Concept piece mating Bernachon's 20+% Nature Lait (Milk) to his 55+% Nature (Semi-Dark)... just lays them together & lets them do the deed for an ultra-blend sensation mainly about motion & movement. Goes beyond the obvious novelty play, visual (almost tatty appeal), & marketing value; less in any overt way as a candy bar or blow-pop surprises with radical shifts, & more by subtle graduated step-wise transitions building up remarkable cohesion & structure, soldered together by a thin scrim of hazelnuts.

Bottom line: flavor fine, reflecting that miscegenation is a thing of the past, that theobroma cacáo in the field can be both diverse & intermixed, whose current success with this should embolden further hook-ups like Milk + Amer, or more extreme still, Zero-to-100: White to Super Amer encapsulated in Askinosie's White Nibble.

ING: cocoa mass, sugar, cacáo butter, milk, nuts, vanilla bean, lecithin


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