Box Chocolate Review

Christopher Michael

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Country USA   (Newport Beach, CA)
Style Mainstream      (leaning New School)
California beach boy unsure of which direction to head when confronted with that perenniel dilemna: whether to lock himself down in the spirit of Brian Wilson composing pocket symphonies in his bedroom, or go the way of Mike Love chasing bikinis along the coast from Malibu to Laguna.
Presentation   4.6 / 5
squared-noshers exhibiting the more ever-common acetate transfers of flush fit from the nail polish salon school, coupled w/ clear & frosted plastic containers spells S-P-A treatment
Aromas   6 / 5
cacáo just re-ups & wafts way out & over... only the edge of infusions penetrate its chocolate air-shed for a hypnotic mix; XTRA bonus pt
Textures/Melt   7.4 / 10
Shells: feels thicker than their medium gauge
Centers: generally soft & unobtrusive (save for the gelées) but also inconsequential in the memory
Flavor   36.9 / 50
aromatics fool of greater impact than the flavor actually delivers excepting the Milk Choc pieces; bifurcated... the darker end of the spectrum underdeveloped while the Milks demonstrate high-fusion
Quality   22.3 / 30
Fledgling nube
Couverture: El Rey

Jelly Donut - segregated components remain disassembled; Dark Choc over strawberry paté atop White Choc ganache; drive-thru Dunkin Donuts quality
Hawaiian Ginger bright up-front spice partially quelled by dark cocoa tannins trying to fight it off into a type of mangosteen corner
Spicy Pomegranate & Lime - lime just bleaches the elements (tongue included) but, again, the Gran Saman holds it back from the brink
Lemongrass Milk Choc center simultaneously frames the herb, each a multiplier-force on the other & together deal out fusion-cuisine; best pairing & proportion of the set
Caramelized Banana - banana flambéed in rum & caramelized by brown sugar, generates another Milk Choc wonder & suggests coconut plantain
Fleur de Sel Caramel - malted & stale exposé of Irapa

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