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Country Germany   (Munich)
Style New School      
A former lover (an oxymoron with explanation* to follow) now living in Europe brought these as a gift on a recent visit, like the C-spot® needs more chocolate.

It's the thought that counts though, no?

Ahhh, but 'same-sama' means 'you're welcome', so prescient as if to anticipate the reaction because this ain't just another box of any old bits 'n pieces.

(* Like matter in the universe, love never perishes -- it always lasts forever… thru thick & thin, intimate or separate.)
Presentation   4.7 / 5
dusts & lusters on big bold domes adorned with cookie crowns (seriously)
Aromas   4.9 / 5
coffee, creams, fruits, nuts
a bounty
Textures/Melt   9.2 / 10
Shells: knobs of all sorts of materials, some looking like bonnets & derbies
Centers: flotation devices
Flavor   44.5 / 50
sweet, for sure, but sugar kept at bay by well-defined pronouncements of the other ingredients
Quality   26.3 / 30
Hardly about chocolate; mostly about confections-cum-constructions of whole desserts in a bite.

The oft-abused 'decadence', now falling into chocolate opprobrium, so apt & true however in this particular box. Obscenely / exorbitantly rich. The only cavil: some may consider them airy / insubstantial, free of gravitas.

So inviting that these diabetic-inducing sweets & treats twinkling in the entire field of vision, including the mind's eye, with hypnotic suggestions of 'to hell with health & teeth'.
Black Truffle -- a 5-spice ball highlit in cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla & chili, beautifully sequenced in cream & cocoa butter which douse the heat so that in the end only flavor filters thru; sheer excellence

Coffee -- sensationally deep cream whips-up fluffy mocha that gives & gives; huge swoon FXs

Cream Roll -- a 'white-out' in the form of almond-encrusted butter-cream bomb (presumably both cow & cacáo); just for the sake of it; just to prove humans can gorge on this & survive; just because lots of fat, salt & sugar can overload the circuits & dupe the senses into believing they're high when in fact they are; indulgence... a helluva drug

Little Red Riding Hood -- another mouth-watering, teeth-sinking, tongue-wagging orgasm; this one a cranberry-coconut "cake" for all practical intents & purposes; so soft it inflects strawberry more than cranberry; yet another huge swoon factor

Marzipan -- good God another chocolate-cream monster… this entwined with marzipan surrounding a whole almond; all accompanied by an orange inflection; hits straight on & strides straight thru, no let up, no diminution, no swerving

Green Sphere -- full bodied melt-away in the form of pistachio-marzipan that absolutely positively consumes its consumer; a complete triumph

Reviewed July 2, 2015

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