Box Chocolate Review


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Country USA   (Gainesville, FL)
Style Rustic      
Ethics trump taste in a Fair-Trade/Organic line employing an over-the-top chocolate base: CluizelCluizel’s tart & tangy Mangaro Estate from Madagascar.
Presentation   4 / 5
overkill; packaged in a roll-top red-crocodile chest, far more grandiose than the pieces encased inside, which appear as humble dusty antiquities sitting in mundane white pleated-paper cups taped to the bottom

Aromas   2.8 / 5
infusion dominant w/ some roasted troubles & even a slight vinegar whiff
Textures/Melt   8.9 / 10
Shells: crisp collapsible shells
Centers: thin-bodied, soft, & yielding
Flavor   34.6 / 50
like the presentation, confused overkill, thanks to abrasive couverture &/or heavy-handed infusions
Quality   19.3 / 30
Imbued with real dedication & passion but also insufficient skills.
Couverture: Cluizel
Dark Truffle – super bright & acidic; Cluizel’s Mangaro from Madagascar just blazes thru like nail polish remover flavored in calamansi, & oddly the cream does virtually nothing but accentuate the abrasion
Hibiscus & Lemongrass – ri-donk-ulous tart blitz; again, Mangaro just provoking radioactive fallout; yeah, all’s balanced as in the needles swinging, screaming, & banging the max
Pomegranate – essentially lost at sea off the coast of Mangaro, Madagascar; the infusion darkens the profile enough for actual cocoa tones to emerge, complementing each other in a momentary canceling effect as acidity once more increases at the finish
Saigon Cinnamon – Vietnam declares war on Madagascar cacáo... a really warm Milk-Chocolate confection oven
Karamel – loud, heavy butterscotching & salting... w/ a soft pull
White Chocolate Truffle – para-dicey; built w/ dry-wall paste

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