Box Chocolate Review

Divine Organics

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Country USA   (SF, CA)
Style Rustic      
Raw chocolate food-bars from Divine Organics Sacred Cacao. STOP... before tossing this in the inferno as another cunning trick conjured-up by the devil himself, hijacking hallowed script best reserved for creation’s holiest markers instead of profane candy commerce, just to get you to try some evil-tasting ‘goat’s butt soup’... THIS should be spared for actually living up to the spirit of its name, turning frowns upside down. Yes, it has the raw-cult’s & just about everyone else’s favorite amplifiers – vanilla, salt, & sugar (in the guise of maple syrup) – but also some depth too, & even a little bit of spectrum to its chocolate flavor profile.

Among the best raw confections currently ghosting the market.
Presentation   2.9 / 5
brittle slabs of bark locked in a pouch requiring German sheperds to bite open or a chain saw to cut thru
Aromas   3.6 / 5
dried goods (nuts, fruits, dim cocoa)
Textures/Melt   7.4 / 10
Shells: n/a
Centers: smooth cocoa in & around crunch city
Flavor   41.5 / 50
mostly about inclusions, especially salt & maple syrup; chocolate more than an after-thought however, if still subsidiary to other elements
Quality   23.7 / 30
Part of the growing trend of ‘Functional Chocolate’ in the raw/health food movement (nuts, dried fruits, superfoods [açai, goji, maca, etc.], anything reputed to have a high anti-oxidant ORAC rating, cacáo included) but this is atypical for the category due to... raw retro-nauts TAKE NOTE... substantial time in either a Universal melanguer or conche - 50+ hours judging from texture & semi-developed profile that brings out remarkable chocolate scale for being unroasted (merits an extra bonus point for showing the way), the magnitude of which can be further enhanced if ratios between components were tweaked & re-balanced in favor of cacáo by slightly toning back the condiments (salt / sugar / vanilla) that partially mask it... which, admittedly, runs counter to mass-market consumer cravings (just ask McDonald’s why it goes big with salt & fat on its fries)
Couverture: raw hybrid from Ecuador (too little there to identify it as Nacional variety; probably sourced from Pacari via the Daugherty/Wolfe middlemen)
Golden Princess - pistachios, raisins, maple syrup, pink crystal salt & vanilla come to the aid of a flatline though budding cocoa; good if a bit segregated which salt valiently struggles to bring together
Macadamian Nut - macs, maple, & salt the play here as cacáo for the most part M.I.A. until the act of chewing conches a little chocolate flavor out of it

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