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Results for Maker = Richart
Rating  Bar Name Maker Country Type Flavor Source Strain
Rating  Bar Name Maker Country Type Flavor Source Strain
Madagascar 70 Richart France Dark Fruits/Flowers Madagascar Hybrid
Côte d'Ivoire 73 Richart France Semi-Dark Naked Ivory Coast Amelonado
Sao Tome 70 Richart France Semi-Dark Naked São Tomé Amelonado
Carenero82 Richart France Dark Naked Venezuela Carenero
Grenade Richart France Dark Crossover Grenada Hybrid
PNG-71 Richart France Semi-Dark Fruits/Flowers Papua New Guinea Hybrid
Mad 82 Richart France Dark Crossover Madagascar Hybrid
St Domingue 70 Richart France Semi-Dark Earthen Haiti Hybrid
Equateur70 Richart France Dark Crossover Ecuador Hybrid
Equateur82 Richart France Dark Earthen Ecuador CCN-51
Carenero75 Richart France Dark Spices/Herbs Venezuela Carenero
St Domingue 82 Richart France Dark Earthen Haiti Hybrid
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