Para 56

by Salgado
Info Details
Country Argentina   
Type Dark   (& dismal; 56%)
Strain Amazon   (Amelonado x Largarta)
Source Brazil   (Pará)
Flavor Earthen   
Style Industrial      
Para-suicide. Cacáo as a death plant dangling from its own branch to Edmundo Rivero's bottomless baritone on that favorite Argentine tango - Sur... about changing countries & dying dreams.
Appearance   4.2 / 5
Color: dried mud brown; blushed in orange
Surface: flakes, dust, chips, scratches
Temper: absorbent opaque sheen (big butter content)
Snap: sharp for 56% w/ sound edge wall integrity (attributable in part to thick mold)
Aroma   4.8 / 10
kick-ball BMX-style: high-bouncing rubber all over it like Goodyear™ on tires -> latex -> vinyl -> petroleum by-products -> coffee grounds... obvious side-of-the-road drying then pulled in when the rains came to be mechanically propane-dried
Mouthfeel   12 / 15
Texture: powder fortress
Melt: soft butter eventually rolls on nicely (lone redeeming feature)
Flavor   15.2 / 50
dusty baseline cocoa -> glimpses latent red cajú fruit -> instantly devolves to squash & then the bomb bay doors open over fields of rubber -> asphalt -> metal propane tank -> burning diesel -> chocolate struggles in vain to escape the fumes -> sugar the fire dept dousing the flames -> brazil nut brownie suicide -> expires over smoldering coffee grounds
Quality   2.1 / 20
Leaves one speechless for all the wrong reasons. Everything that could possibly go bad does. Comparing this to another chocolate from Pará Brazil - Tomé-Açu – would be offensive to that bar’s maker (Scharffen Berger). A step backward for Brazilian cacáo. So horrific it must be infected with Black Pod Disease & deserves to be labeled ”Forestero”, an abandoned term that insults cacáo sourced originally from the Amazon. Add poor post-harvest (an especially brutal drying), then over-roasted & under-conched... the list can grow & grow but best to drop it altogether & just walk away from the scene of the diease because there’s absolute zero glory in this gory carnage. 2 points in this category for the cacáo butter.

ING: sugar, cocoa mass, cacáo butter, lecithin; CBS (Cocoa-Butter-Sugar ratio) ~ 2:4:5


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