Brazilian Milk

by Choklat
Info Details
Country Canada   
Type Milk Chocolate   (48%)
Strain Amazon   
Source Brazil   (Bahia; Floresta Azul)
Flavor Earthen   
Style Industrial      
Flavor: A Vanishing Act.

After a good start, this bar disintegrates into anti-matter faster than pulling on a loose thread only to quickly discover that the whole shirt has unraveled.
Appearance   3.6 / 5
Color: amarillo brown
Surface: brush-stroked
Temper: absorbent sheen
Snap: sputters; striated edge
Aroma   7.1 / 10
vanilla toffee & Canadian Oka cheese (nut paste & mild caulk)
Mouthfeel   7.5 / 15
Texture: porn storm: plastic wax / extreme breast-enhancement sends eaters on a fools errand to...
Melt: ... slippery sliding
Flavor   33.2 / 50
vanilla malt -> good MC hit / nice cocoa edge -> peanut -> then the wax is on... & the savor disappears beneath waves of pure steam-cleaned cocoa butter to grease the skids where it’s all downhill from there in a tumbrel to... not quite the kiss of death, just a flat bland finish into a malted bed of hay
Quality   10.8 / 20
How to turn 8 into 48 (percentage of cacáo-content, that is): a fat magic act... as in honest-to-goodness fat / cocoa butter makes for a pussycat of a “Dark-Milk”, just buttered into obesity & oblivion (NOTE: the best way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories).

What Askinosie’s El Rustico is to Dark, this is to Milk Choc – both are really vanilla bars in disguise.

If Choklat would just let it rip BUT ONCE ('oh please purrty please'), let its guard down & remove the vanilla-butter mask to show how it interprets chocolate according to its own personal pleasure principles, instead of always playing to market LCDs with focus group-tested product, there might be something to discuss here.

Then again, money's more important than discussion.

A let-down of a blob considering that this Brazilian bean seems to have qualities worth revealing.

Reviewed Spring 2010


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