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Country Austria   
Type Dark-Milk   (50%)
Strain Beniano   
Source Bolivia   (Alto Bení; Agua Clara)
Flavor Crossover   
Style Classic      
By 1906 Butch & Sundance decided they’d had enough of life on the run. So first they secured employment at the Concordia Tin Mine in the Bolivian Andes. Among their main duties... guarding the company payroll!

Then they settled down (mas o menos) as ranchers around Santa Cruz, a frontier town in Bolivia’s eastern savannah. Along the trail they possibly crossed paths with CNB (Cacao Nacional Boliviano) & added a little milk powder to it - shades of some Guittard from the States which started in the American West back in 1868 - to help cure any homesick blues.

The kind of bar that would have Butch punching the air with his fists while his tongue hi-5s the roof of his mouth. Perhaps even the inspiration for writing that he found “just the place I’ve been looking for 20 years”.
Appearance   4.1 / 5
Color: light ruddy-brown
Surface: slightly weathered looking
Temper: krinkled-sheen
Snap: 50-50
Aroma   9.5 / 10
pralinated (think mentholated but substitute hazelnut praliné) in flowers (peppered-fuchsia) & wafers spread w/ butter-nut fudge
Mouthfeel   13.8 / 15
Texture: soft taffy w/o a shred of sediment
Melt: tantric length
Flavor   48.2 / 50
carbon copy of the Aroma, minor emphasis on carbon for a tender brittle-toffee wrapped in cotton candy -> praliné alternating between fuchsia & fudge (spellbinding moments) sparking off pequi fruit-> intensifies on natural gianduja -> thunders home ceibo-cocoa tannins
Quality   19.4 / 20
Invincible. The first Bolivian Milk Chocolate to hit the premium market & it steals the show from almost any other chocolate from this countryDark-Milk or otherwise.

Outstanding scale, weight & harmonization whose flavor would be hard pressed to match by any confectioner with twice as many ingredients. The components perfectly & precisely aligned - none getting too far out in front or behind the others – the cohesion unreal. Zotter operating in territory beyond technique, in the realm of alchemy, to easily transmute his prone Bolivia 90 – this sib’s big brother, whose tannic dimension brings a harsh edge to the mellow in milk for a driving slipstream.

All adds up to power... all-action, all the time.

ING: raw cane sugar, cacáo butter, cocoa mass, whole milk pwdr (20%), salt

Reviewed Autumn 2010


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