Info Details
Country Italy   
Type Brut   (90%; Lot #F1010)
Strain Blend   
Source Venezuela   
Flavor Earthen   (Flat Earth Society)
Style Classic      
When it doubt, fry it. Slitti must've been listening to Elton's Burn Down the Mission while working this bar. Just burns it to the ground.
Appearance   5 / 5
imposing & intimidating, yet another beauty bar so rich in oils you could wash your hands w/ it
Color: ebony & mahogany hardwoods
Surface: perfect impression panels like Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise
Temper: oil-stained polish
Snap: crisp as breaking a branch over the knee; super straight & smooth edge
Aroma   9.6 / 10
bonoxious / aromatically gifted - can practically smell its look: raspberry-rubbed mahogany towers over & around coco butter absorbing a penetrating dried cocoa -> brazil & hazelnut oils on the rubdown (gianduja-like)
Mouthfeel   11.8 / 15
Texture: fractured
Melt: cures itself into felt fabric but w/ an astringent lining
Flavor   27.1 / 50
unpacks soft cocoa -> immediately wood bitters down where nuts come up (filberts) -> runs into a groundswell of a fungus-fortress built on flat cocoa caused by burnt tannins... eventually generating ash & soot & bottomless fear -> butter builds unsuccessful firewall ala pasti-on-the-palate maneuver characteristic of Domori's (much) better high-% bars -> resurgence of hazelnut & a mere rumor of raspberry promised in the aroma never really shows -> closes on nut oils (brazil, filbert, & even a little pistachio); dry brownie aftermath
Quality   8.3 / 20
A misnomer to begin with, as botanically & geographically Venzy cacáo belongs mostly to Caribia (the region encompassing Central America, Caribbean islands & Northern Coast of South America). A misfire to finish it, as any hope that this would rival Valrhona's vaunted Araguani are scorched in a roast that just burns aromatics at the stake, establishing regressive baseline tannins for no other purpose than taking all that carbon & making nuts instead of diamonds, leaving a smoldering bitterness, deprived & depraved, without counterbalancing acids. The net effect is classically angular, exacerbated by astringent grip.


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