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Country Austria   
Type White Chocolate   (+ Cacáo Brandy)
Flavor Naked   
Style Neo-Modern      
Dr. Josef Zotter isn't an M.D. on TV but he plays one in reality. (Come to think of it, so do most doctors.)

While university profs earn Ph.D.s studying chocolate's chemical properties or the cocoa sector in West African politics, Zotter busies himself in R&D & applications of the fun kind. Like the kid before the video game era who played with medical kits filled with candy concoctions & goofed around. This entitles him to an honorary degree of the highest order.

Chocolate & healing are, of course, very old school. Shamans officiated over chocolate in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. Chocolate's acceptance into European culture initially passed thru a medical filter. Among the better modern treatments of this is Prof. Marcy Norton's book Sacred Gifts, Profane Pleasures.

'Cocoa gurus' with their "fine chocolate" talk for 'chocophiles' lose sight of the fact that 'chocojunkies' abound & far out number them. Let's remember humans evolved from the wilds in search of stimulants for enhanced consciousness. We're hardwired with jungle monkey candy-on-the-brain wetware on top that sops up sugar / glucose -- the mind's primary fuels. show more »
Appearance   5 / 5

take a deep breath, make a fist, open wide & say 'ahhhhhhhhh'
Color: white enough to snort
Surface: a syringe
Temper: anxiety-inducing
Snap: needle-sharp
Aroma   6.2 / 10
the ER Room as catered by iHop: waffles with a dab of butter & artificial maple syrup
Mouthfeel   11.4 / 15
Texture: imperceptible except the initial liquid stream
Melt: numbing
Flavor   41.7 / 50
injects a hot-burning cocoa-brandy which races thru the arteries quicker than an I.V. drip, then jumps the blood-brain barrier to register some sour plum at the back
Quality   16 / 20
To many, White Chocolate is medical waste. Not this fortified draught.

A double-entendre, the "shot" here also refers to alcoholic spirits. Heavily employed in medical settings for their preservative powers, alcohol at one time proved safer & cleaner than water before sanitation, sewage treatment & plumbing.

If John P. Mott's Spice & Cocoa Company in Darthmouth, Nova Scotia administered a homeopathic cocoa powder as well as a broma potion in the late 1800s, then Zotter dispenses the full allopathic remedy in this shot.

Strong; even potent (the high roast in the metrics to the upper right measures the alcoholic burn). It has little to do with flavor... just liquor, almost pure ether. Zotter taking the cacáo pulp & fermenting it into alcohol. Beyond Claudio Corallo's infused cacáo brandy, this shot -- White Chocolate aside -- harkens back straighter to South America where primogenitors of chocolate likewise fermented a brew generally labeled under the term chicha.

More than a novelty, it embarrasses most of the Chocotini cocktails that were the rage a few seasons ago.

Added bonus: the syringe can be recycled / re-purposed... perfect for the professional chocolatier to shoot into molds.

Zotter... covering all the bases.

INGREDIENTS: Chocolate Brandy Alcohol: sugarcane fire (37%), raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, full cream dried milk powder, fructose-glucose syrup, lemon concentrate, sweet whey powder, soy lecithin°, vanilla, salt

Reviewed August 8, 2012


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