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Country France   
Type Semi-Dark   (75%)
Strain Blend   
Source Brazil   (Bahia)
Flavor Fruits & Flowers   
Style Classic      
To the Julianas of the world -- a beautiful name to suit beautiful girls often -- this bar's all you.

A sweetheart with guts.
Appearance   3.5 / 5
Color: blushing jet brown
Surface: primed, save for a stray pinhole / subsurface bubble
Temper: emergent
Snap: singeing lyric
Aroma   9 / 10
uncanny.... every sniff a differing whiff
white laurel
birch bark / wintergreen
a relatively narrow yet concentrated band of positively unique perfumes in the annals of choc
ventilates fermented Brazil nut skins
Mouthfeel   14.2 / 15
Texture: heavy body slam
Melt: rounds full up
Flavor   45 / 50
light breaking fruit (biriba -- whose white-flesh bears sweet cream taste) on a laurel counter -> inga-cipo underneath (the so-called "vanilla ice-cream bean"), grows to sassafras -> roasted chicory precedes fudge brownie -> umami hits homes (salted herb... yes, paracress) -> caja umbu -> creams away to capuaçu, honeydew melon & jaboticaba (the last a pleasant gelatinous whitish pulp befitting this bar's Texture similar in flavor to muscadine grape -> more brownies in the downshaft lined with the thinnest astringency simulating a white blossom from the cabreuva tree
Quality   17.8 / 20
Sourced from the protected eco-zone around Pratigi where the Odebrecht family foundation tends to an experimental grove of some 6,000 hectares, cultivating a host of plants, from palmettos & bananas to several cacáo varietals bred by CEPLEC -- the main Brazilian cacáo / cacau institute.

They've blended the pods well from 2 kinds of trees (mixing ⅓ of one type with ⅔ of a second type) for Bonnat to then align their combined molecules in a sweet bar for a 75%. A close but far nicer cousin to Bonnat's Libânio from the same state in Brazil.

Episodic cream-fills flood in between excellent crosses & convergences of multiple flavors, all generalized under Fruits 'n Flowers but with good core cocoa throughout.

Bonnat takes no prisoners / no chances with the over-the-top textural weight, the French national trait of fine cocoa butter. Ditto his now-signature warm roast, this time on the safe-side edge of char as evidenced by the deep but palatable brownie slices.

Both create a bit of a double-entendre "blanched" effect, polarizing the hues into light cream & dark brown camps with little else in the way of color differentiation. It renders a slightly devoid chocolate in parts except for it replenishes itself. Those intermittent gulfs infer the customized blend of these 2 cacáo types.

Which is all good.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter

Reviewed August 2, 2013


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