Dark with Peruvian Lemon Drop Chili Pepper

by Brasstown
Info Details
Country USA   
Type Flavored   (70% cacáo-content; Batch 003814)
Strain Blend   
Source Dominican Republic   (Conacado Cooperative)
Flavor Spices & Herbs   
Style Old School      (in flavor)
PLEASE NOTE: Brasstown was formerly known as it's chocolate


Some sexpots are so hot they can cure impotence on the spot.

Usually the infatuation wears off & the condition unfortunately relapses. But occasionally these encounters develop into a lifelong romance.

Chocolate, meet the Lemon Drop Chili.

Appearance   4.3 / 5
Color: muted magenta
Surface: generally clean excusing the flake, pinhole, & bubble
Temper: fades from the center out
Snap: bright as, well... lemon
Aroma   9 / 10
sweet fruit ferment (mango / papaya) atop antique oak stained in warm pepper
Mouthfeel   12.2 / 15
Texture: BMX
Melt: sticky
Flavor   42.4 / 50
fruited-chocolate (sapote-mango) meanders in, including flash lemon -> a dust up (cocoa & otherwise) -> heat rising though never interferes with flavor which continues to break thru to balsam -> kindling oak in the afterglow
Quality   15.7 / 20
Lemon Drop Chili… because the pepper carries lemon inflection. As such it delivers twin zaps to lighten up the shadowy nature of cacáo. In the process it both competes & plays well with other components. Stacks very nicely with the intrinsic tropical fruit tones of this origin.

Medium-low on the fiery Scoville Index, the citrus-accent serves as an easy tracker alongside in radiating the heat out to excite the chocolate.

Rather than dissipating, its fire persists & reduces the sweetness in this bar, dispensing hot citrus French kisses cooled only by the fat of cocoa butter.

Smooth lemon with tinges of the tropics & gentle singes of smoldering capsaicin.

Rom Still of it's chocolate pairs this committed-combo. And well.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, lemon drop chili pepper

Reviewed March 18, 2014


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