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Results for Maker = Brasstown
Rating  Bar Name Maker Country Type Flavor Source Strain
Rating  Bar Name Maker Country Type Flavor Source Strain
Bolivian Wild
Sea Salt
Brasstown USA Dark Fruits/Flowers Bolivia Beniano
Chuao Brasstown USA Dark Crossover Venezuela Chuao
Belize Maya Mountain Brasstown USA Dark Fruits/Flowers Belize Hybrid
Guasare Brasstown USA Semi-Dark Twang Venezuela Guasare
Dark with Chardonnay-Oak Smoked-Sea Salt Brasstown USA Flavored Earthen Dominican Republic Blend
Venezuelan Extra Dark Brasstown USA Semi-Dark Naked Venezuela Blend
Ecuador 75% Brasstown USA Dark Fruits/Flowers Ecuador Nacional
Ghana Forestero Milk Chocolate Brasstown USA Dark-Milk Earthen Ghana Hybrid
Dominican Republic Brasstown USA Dark Fruits/Flowers Dominican Republic Hybrid
Dark with Peruvian Lemon Drop Chili Pepper Brasstown USA Flavored Spices/Herbs Dominican Republic Blend
Peru Marañón Brasstown USA Semi-Dark Twang Peru Nacional
Ghana (Vanilla) Brasstown USA Dark Spices/Herbs Ghana Hybrid
Ghana Forestero Brasstown USA Semi-Dark Earthen Ghana Hybrid
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